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  1. How long will a 6oz Brown Cow Plain Yogurt last once it's opened?

    Hi everyone,

    My 8mo daughter just started yogurt but only one or two teaspoons the most at a time. Once I opened a small container of Brown Cow plain whole milk yogurt, how long will it last when...
  2. What's your 7mo. eating & napping schedule like?

    Hi everyone,
    My 7mo. daughter has started solid for a month and she's been sleeping through the night for a few months already. However, starting these few days, she would wake up in the middle of...
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    Will Amoxicillin reduce my milk supply?

    Hi everyone,
    Just had a dental surgery done this morning and now I am on Amoxicillin. Will it decrease my milk supply? My baby's now 7 months old. Should I nurse her more often?
  4. 6.5months, can I give Oatmeal Cereal rather than Rice?

    Hello everyone,
    My dd now 6.5months and has started solids for three weeks. She seems to have hard time pooping (tears and red eyes, only tiny bit everytime after she eats, poop is tiny but not...
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    About period, is it normal?

    Hi everyone,
    My second daughter is almost 6 months old. My doctor said I should have my period at around this time even though I am exclusively nursing. I told him that I did not have my period...
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    Baby keeps yanking, normal?

    Hi everyone,
    5mo dd has started yanking my breasts a lot. She even uses her hands to help. She seems not to have the patience to wait for let down and once she finishes, she keeps yanking and...
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    Re: Is my Pediatrician right?

    Well, about the table food, it depends on the culture. Some culture starts table food very early on and that's ok...I believe the doctor meant puree table food? Sooner the baby gets used to adult...
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    Re: a little support, please!

    I did not have the same experience but I am sure everything will turn out fine. Don't be too hard to yourself and drink plenty of water. Hang in there!
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    How many oz of BM in bottle?

    Hi, my dd's almost 5mos and about 16lb 8oz. How many oz of breastmilk should I give her in bottle? TIA
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    Do they all add up the same in total?

    My dd is 4.5mo old and she's eating 4 to 5 times a day. She sleeps through the night (12 hours) and I never wake her up for feeding. She's gaining weight, healthy and happy. Another mom told me...
  11. Temas: How often?

    by icoeny

    Re: How often?

    When my dd was 3mo, she ate about 6 times a day. She slept through the night for about 7 hours I did not wake her up for feeding.
  12. Re: My 4.5mo has not pooped for 7days, should I be worried?

    So I assumed you just kept waiting? and did he keep that pattern for awhile? When he did go, was it painful for him?
  13. Re: My 4.5mo has not pooped for 7days, should I be worried?

    Thanks. I just got a call from her doctor and she said to give her a mix of 2tsp of brown sugar and 2oz of water to see if that helps. If nothing happens in two days, bring her in. This is my...
  14. Re: My 4.5mo has not pooped for 7days, should I be worried?

    No, exclusively breast milk.
  15. My 4.5mo has not pooped for 7days, should I be worried?

    My 4.5mo old daughter has not pooped for 7days. She has enough pee diapers and acting happy. She's now sleeping through the night and I feed her an average of 4 to 5 times a day. Her weight is 95...
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