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    Re: storing milk...

    Always a favourite resource - http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/milkstorage/milkstorage/

    I'd add, if you are freezing in a container like a bottle, be sure to leave room at the top (not all the...
  2. 8.75m old and balancing nursing and solids, very frustrating

    I'm a Mama to an 8.75m old baby boy who was born early at 34 5/7weeks. He was in the NICU (completely separate from me :cry ) for 11 days from the start - but we've established a decent nursing...
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    Re: sad today, not ready to be done.

    Thank You for all the comments, and words of encouragement.
    I DO wish to continue nursing, I wasn't ready for the milk to be gone. For so many reasons, both mine and my little girls'.
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    sad today, not ready to be done.

    I am 17 weeks pregnant with baby no. 2! And am still nursing my 29 month old daughter. =)
    Today, however, I have been unable to express any milk, and my girls constant asking to nurse, paired...
  5. Nipple pain - newly pregnant - nursing 27month old.

    I had a question about those beginning stages of pregnancy when your nipples are super sore - and nursing. Does the nipple pain lessen?? (through pregnancy?) I honestly can't remember.

    Nursing my...
  6. Re: Avid nursing toddler wants to nurse more often lately

    I know this post was from waaaay back in October, but I wanted to add my experience. At 18 months my daughter started having developmental leaps! It was like one night we went to bed, and I had a...
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    galactogogue weaning ?

    Was just reading something on Dr Sears website that was talking about how galactogogues *can* be a placebo effect, and that when we take them, they *may* be working because we think they will work? ...
  8. Re: where are you at with Nursing your toddler over 2?

    What a helpful, yet tear jerking thread!

    We're just at 20 months and still nurse at waking, before lunch, down for nap, up after nap, before dinner, down to sleep, and at least twice in the wee...
  9. Dropped night feeding, but Mama's not ready?

    My little one is 16.5 months old. She's ebf, no bottles and recently popped all 4 of her first year molars... And viola... She's now sleeping 12 hours a night.
    I really thought I'd be happy when...
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    Re: question about nipple shields

    I'd definitely work on weaning off the shield. We STILL use the shield and it's such a pain in the arse, but without it, I wouldn't be able to nurse my girl.

    Tips I've heard is to unlatch after a...
  11. Is there a time when the more you remove - you just don't make more?

    Is there such a time when you just cannot increase your milk supply?
    My daughter nurses longer and more than just a few months ago, but I'm not feeling like my supply has increased. In fact, I...
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    9m3w Nursing every 2 hours...?

    Recently, I've had a handful of individuals elude to me that it's 'insane' for an almost 10 month old to be still wanting to nurse every 2 hours. *note, her Pedi seems to be the ringleader.

  13. nursing increase through and after teething?

    Baby's Age, 6 months 22 days (6 months 6 days adjusted)
    No. of Wet/Poopies 8-9 heavy wets per day, 1 bowel movement
    Weight ~16lbs.

    Everything I've read and or heard from Mama's suggests that...
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    Re: clogged duct issues

    3 months old, and I really only pump once an evening, enough to relieve pressure when she's still asleep. I nurse her every hour and a half during the day, but she only wakes twice in the wee small...
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    clogged duct issues

    Ever since my LO started sleeping through the night, I've been battling clogged ducts. I don't know what to do.
    I wake to pump in between the time I go to bed and her first feeding, and I always...
  16. the minipill and nursing my 7 week old?

    So, I went to my 6 week pp office visit and my OB gave me an rx for the minipill (Nora-BE, norethindrone)... and I was reading the leaflet from the pharmacy which says "This drug passes into breast...
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