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    Re: How do Nepali women do it?!?

    I suppose although the Nepali women don't have the heart-break of being separated from their baby, they do have to carry their baby huge distances. I think the paths out to the fields from the...
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    How do Nepali women do it?!?

    Just reading about some amazing Nepali women who basically are back working in the fields two weeks after birth taking their baby with them and breastfeeding on the job.
  3. Re: Pregnant or breastfeeding for 30 yea

    Interesting replies!

    @aprilsmagic - what was the midwife today article? I would be interested to read it. Are you a midwife?

    @magnolia honey - interesting point of view, although I'm not so...
  4. Pregnant or breastfeeding for 30 years?

    Much as I love it, there is no doubt that I find having babies is monumentally tiring. Sleeplessness, breastfeeding and generally not having a moment to yourself is just plain exhausting.

    I have...
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