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  1. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Yay! Have been on the forums a lot less, but wanted to pop on and see how it's going for you! Am glad you've done it :)
  2. Re: Anybody wean from domperidone and maintain supply?

    I weaned off dom when DD was 10 ish months. She still nurses on demand at 17 months (which is now:) ). She probably still feeds 8-12 times a day and has solids too. I replied on alphawoman's post in...
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    Re: Tips for Nipple Shield Weaning

    Yay for victory!
  4. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Yay! Am so pleased it's going well. :)

    It's interesting what you said about the dom affecting eating habits. I know I struggled to lose weight while on it but I don't remember my eating habits!
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    Re: Help needed - off to a rough start

    Maddieb has already given great advice, and asked good questions to help further, but I just wanted to say we had issues for the first 4 months and for me during that time breastfeeding didn't feel...
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    Re: Unsure of supply

    Hey there!

    It sounds like you've done amazingly well to keep pumping and breastfeeding despite surgery!

    Having read your post the only reason you are concerned about supply is breasts no longer...
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    Re: Still battling with poor weight gain..

    I think doing away with the dummy apart from emergencies is a great idea! They can trick baby into thinking they've fed when they haven't.

    Swaddling at night can make babies sleep longer too and...
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    Re: keep or toss?

    Just taste/smell it before you use it. Sour milk should be pretty obvious :)
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    Re: White Nipples from Normal Feeding

    My nipples do this all the time too! I just count myself lucky I don't tend to get pain with it unless it's cold. I have Raynards phenomenon in my hands and feet tho so I figure I must be prone to...
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    Re: The beauty of following your child

    I so needed to read this today! As yesterday DH made an unkind remark that our 16 month *still* needs my breast to sleep, then last night DH questioned co-sleeping as we are looking to move house and...
  11. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Am pleased it's going well for you both :)
  12. Re: How much worse can sleep seriously get?!

    It does get better! I thought babies slept better and better from 6 months plus but for us around the 11 months mark was the worst. DD literally went through a spell of every half hour.

    She's now...
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    Re: Frequent Liquid Bowel Movements

    We use small pieces of terry towelling as cloths. There's actually a brand here in the UK called cheeky wipes that make them. You actually end up using less than commercial wipes I find as I can do...
  14. Re: Breast pain/injury after poor latch

    Hey there!

    Well done you for nursing twins this far :)

    It sounds like what you have is a milk blister/bleb. Quite often these 'pop' with nursing or failing that pumping if you have a pump. If...
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    Re: Six month old, re-learn latch??

    It sounds like you are getting on top of it :)

    If I were you I'd consider a probiotic supplement if you need long term antibiotics. Anecdotally at least this seems to keep yeast from getting out...
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    Re: Six month old, re-learn latch??

    Oh and babies can definitely change their latch, they have to with all that growing they do, plus teeth coming in etc!
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    Re: Six month old, re-learn latch??

    Hey there :)

    Going back to basics and varying nursing positions is a great idea to deepen latch. Reclined/biological nurturing positions are said to help with latch as are nipple tilt, flipple,...
  18. Re: Night nursing toddler - when does it get easier?

    Hey there!

    I don't know when it gets easier - DD is younger than yours. But... If your cycle is back, nursing or not you are able to conceive!

    Pregnancy may give your child a 'natural' nudge...
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    Re: Period returning?

    Babies are designed to suckle and so it is rare/unlikely that they are going to expend more energy than they are gaining from the milk. In my experience when a paediatrician said this to me what was...
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    Re: Lost my let down reflex

    I wouldn't pump less if you are getting plugged ducts! Did you try any of Mommal's suggestions for letdown?

    It may be worth making a new post so this gets seen as often new questions on old posts...
  21. Re: Pumping schedule to go back to work

    Hey there!
    It sounds like you have a oversupply issue going on, it's no wonder you have uncomfortable feelings as your body is currently making double what your baby needs.

    Intervention on that...
  22. Re: So let this be a warning to you pumpers....

    Just because milk is ok in the fridge for a few days doesn't mean it's not lipase. It's worth rotating freezer stashes and taste testing occasionally! :)
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    Re: We made it a year!!!!

    I tried putting "Kiss Me" in DH's work bag for him to read in his lunch hours... It didn't work :( He calls it a hippy mum book, I can keep hope up he may change his mind one day right? Lol! Seems...
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    Re: Oversupply to Undersupply?

    My understanding is black feeding is only supposed to be done for a limited time. I'm not sure how he that translates to pumping tho. But I wouldn't continue to block feed if you have supply issues. ...
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    Re: Breastfeeding all night! Help!

    I just wanted to say you haven't created a sleep association... Babies are born to suckle to sleep. Nature made the that way. It has a fancy term.

    Personally I find it easier to soothe to sleep...
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