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  1. When to phase out pumping? Almost at a year

    Hi all - I'm curious about when or if to start phasing out pumping. I know I have a lot of reading to do, but this is such a new step for us! Thanks for any advice or stories - I appreciate you all...
  2. Re: has anyone used the philips AVENT double electric pump??

    Hi there - Agree with the previous poster 100%. Here's my perspective as a pumping at work mom - I use the avent double electric pump four times a day, at work (it's likely an older model than what...
  3. Pump output less - 9 month slump or diet change?

    Hi all - thanks for all your posts and answers. I've read through many past threads, and they answer and reassure - so thank you in advance!
    Background: My daughter is 9 months today, and we've been...
  4. Question on breast size changes during the day and pumping

    I work full time and pump while I'm away from my 4.5 month old daughter. I'm away around 10 hours total, and pump 4 times, getting between 12 and 17 ounces. I'm pretty happy with my production at...
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