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    Re: I know something is wrong...

    I do burp him frequently- sometimes with better luck than others.Seems like if I don't get a good burp in the first minute then I can't get one at all. usually fling him over my shoulder to burp-...
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    I know something is wrong...

    For the past 10 days my DS has been quite a different baby than he was for the preceeding 21. I have been telling myself over and over again that his behavior is normal, but now I think that there is...
  3. 4 weeker eating

    I just returned from BF support group. Looks like DS is eating less than an ounce and a half at a sitting. I think at this age he should be eating closer to 2oz or more.

    He also eats...
  4. Re: constant breastfeeding stops crying-HELP!

    My 3 week old is doing the exact same thing! I can barely manage to eat a meal or feed my horses during the day- much less sleep!
    I have been chalking it up to a growth spurt, but it sounds like it...
  5. How many calories are needed while BF? And is excersize bad?

    Hi Folks-
    Just curious about what I should be taking in now that I am back to excersizing. I worked out religiously while pregnant (at least 3x/week, usually closer to 5) and now that I am feeling...
  6. Re: 2.5 wk old always hungry but won't do both breasts???

    Thank you very much for the feedback. Glad to hear it is normal behavior. I won't stress about the one-boob-feeding pattern any more.
  7. 2.5 wk old always hungry but won't do both breasts???

    I am starting to get very frustrated here.... my 2 week old son suddenly started eating pretty much constantly- which I understand relates to his first growth spurt. The frustrating part is that he...
  8. Re: jaundiced premie latching/interest problem- long

    Thanks for the advice folks. I called a lactation consultant today and she had some fabulous advice. She recommend that I shorten the time I offer the breasts to a more vigorous 5 minutes each while...
  9. jaundiced premie latching/interest problem- long

    I can't thank you enough for any advice you can offer me. I am a first time mom home just a few days with my DS. I am bound and determined that he will be breastfed, but I am getting very frustrated...
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