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  1. pumping - am I doing this right?

    So I was under the impression that the more often you nurse and pump, the more milk you'll produce. That doesn't seem to be happening for me.

    My daughter (almost 4 mo) is on a 3.5 hr schedule and...
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    Re: Going out of town

    I am trying to save up now for the trip in Sept, but for April, it will obviously take me longer.
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    Going out of town

    How should I keep up my milk supply while I'm out of town?

    Is pumping at the normal feeding times going to work?

    I'm going to be away from my daughter for 36 hours in Sept and then for a week...
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    alcohol and bf

    So I read in a book that you should wait 2 hours after your last drink to pump or nurse. Is this true? Or should you pump at the right feeding time (while you're drinking or before the 2 hr mark)...
  5. Re: Pumping - what's the secret?

  6. Pumping - what's the secret?

    So I'm trying to pump in between feedings to increase milk production and in case I need to get away and let someone else handle feedings but I'm having some issues.
    I know I have enough milk...
  7. Cluster Feeding - a follow up

    We got good news from the doctor!! Our little one weighed 6lb 15 oz at birth and 6lb 12oz at her last appt 6 days ago. Now she weighs 7lb 5 oz!! She gained 5 oz more than she needed to and the...
  8. Cluster Feeding - pls help me!

    My daughter was born April 4 via c-section and I've been breastfeeding from the beginning with a week of formula supplementation because of jaundice.
    Since this past Sunday she's been what I later...
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