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  1. Re: Food sensitivity HELP!!!

    Thanks for the replies ladies. I have cut out dairy, and my addiction to chocolate (due to caffeine) and other caffeine offenders, also I am cutting out gassy foods such as broccoli and onions and...
  2. Food sensitivity HELP!!!

    So my LO is 2 weeks and 2 days old and for about a week she has been unbelievable fussy and gassy. I don't know what I am eating that is causing her pain but it is to the point that I am ready to...
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    So my DD is 8 days old and from day one we have had an issue with shallow latch, but I am going to try to correct that with laid back breastfeeding starting today thanks to a wonderful article I read...
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    Re: Pumping nightmare

    Try pumping one breast while the baby is nursing on the other.
  5. Re: Soon-to-Be New Mom! Help finding a Breast Pump!!

    I just got my Hygeia Enjoye, I am also about to have my baby (any day now) and I am way excited to get to use it!
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