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  1. Re: Employer helping, but not enough

    It sounds to me like minor tweaking could make this ok situation pretty good. How did they react when you first approached them about pumping? Do they already have policies stating what the offer...
  2. Re: Dr Told Me to Stop Nursing my 12 Month Old at Night

    If the waking up at night to nurse is ok with you then its fine. I think with doctors we sometimes have to separate medical advice from parenting advice, and the advice you got was parenting. I...
  3. Re: Nursing a toddler through pregnancy

    Nursing while pregnant is a very personal decision, and you need to do what is best for you and your baby. Nursing to sleep was particularly painful while pregnant. I think it was the combination...
  4. Re: Supply decreasing due to pumping at work?

    Hi, I too supplemented my first with formula while at work and continued to breastfeed at home. I pumped at work, but like you it wasn't enough. I was able to pump enough for my second child. I...
  5. Re: Prenatal vitamin + Toddler multi-vitamin = ???

    Is there a reason the doctor wants her on a multi-vitamin? Just asking because I never thought they were necessary for healthy children. As someone who's had to switch doctors a lot (insurance...
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    Re: Extending time between feeds

    I wish I had some good advice for you, all I can offer is reassurance that your child is normal. When my kids were little (and 7m is little) if they nursed less in the day they would want to nurse...
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    Setting a Date to Wean

    I will start by saying I'm ready to wean my ds. He is still on the fence about it. Some days he says he is almost ready (a promised day at in indoor play area to celebrate has been encouraging). I...
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    Re: Painful Nipple

    Thanks guys! It may just be a injury, only one side hurts. I don't remember her biting, but she does sometimes tug at the breast when the flow is not what she wants. The nipple now looks flakey...
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    Painful Nipple

    I went to the doc a week ago with a nipple that looked cracked, and areola that was red and shinny. The doc there was not sure what it was, but got me some cream for thrush. I did have a yeast...
  10. Re: My son has dental caries. Please share some experiences.

    Sorry this is so long. I feel very strong about this. If you don’t read it, my take away would be don’t feel guilty, and find a dentist that doesn’t try to make you feel guilty.

    My first had a...
  11. Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    I think each one will be different. My first was between 2 1/2 to 3. My second is almost 3 1/2 and wakes to nurse as much as the baby (10m).
  12. Re: Pumping for 24 mo. old while on business trip?

    Here's what I did when I was gone for a few days when each of mine were around that age. I pumped 3x a day even though she/he was eating more than that. Once in the am before work, once around...
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    Re: BFing, underweight, & Schedule

    At 13m my son weighed 18lb 2oz (1% on some chart). Our doctor wasn’t too concerned at the time because I think the highest he had ever been percentile was 40ish. It’s funny my son had an egg and...
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    Re: Construction Site?

    Thanks everyone!
    I can’t pump on the drive (I’ll be driving down with a co-worker), and moving the car out of the way isn’t really an option because of security reasons, but I can’t believe I had...
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    Construction Site?

    My company is being subcontracted by a contractor and I will need to be on a construction site for 8-12 hours plus drive time 3 ½ hours each way. The problem is it’s kind of in the middle of...
  16. Re: Going back to school after less than a week?

    I was in the same boat as you when I had my first (although it was a traditional school schedule). I was half way through school and scared if I did not do it then I would never go back. Mine was...
  17. Re: Doctor is pushing formula! Help please!

    I have no real advice just that my son was 7lb 1oz at birth, and I just looked up his nine month checkup he was 16lbs 4oz. As long as he is meeting milestones, he is fine. They can’t all be in the...
  18. Re: Been back to work 2m baby still won't take bottle

    Thanks guys, you have no idea how much better you have made me feel. Before my mom was watching my kids, and was always very reassuring and supportive. I told the dcp provider before we started...
  19. Been back to work 2m baby still won't take bottle

    I went back to work when my baby was 8wks she is now 4m. With commute time I'm away for 10.5-12hrs a day 5 days a week. The most my baby has ever taken in a day is 8oz. Most days she eats about...
  20. Re: Class beginning 1 week after birth balancing breastfeedi

    Hey. Just want to let you know I was in just about the same situation. I was in school when my first was born. She was born on Thursday and I was back at class on Monday. I had a very similar...
  21. Re: failure to thrive, was told to wean

    Just wanted to say my son was also diagnosed ftt at about that age too, and let you know my experience with the GI doctor. We saw one separate from the allergist, and I think you will have better...
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    Poll: Re: Pumping more than a year

    With number 1 stopped right on the 12m mark (I hate pumping). Number 2 I would have done the same, but waited until he outgrew his dairy allergy (around 19m). At 12 m I went from 3x/day to 2x. By...
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    How do you gently wean?

    I nursed my daughter until she was 4 and hated the last 3-4 months of it. She was still nursing 3-4x a day on days I worked and begged constantly on my days off. As a "reward" for weaning she got...
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    Re: What do they call it?

    My first used to say "mama milky". Number two use to demand "milk". As he's gotten older I've been pushing for "mama's milk" and this has turned it into "my milk".
  25. Re: Suggestions to get 6 month old to ga

    I too have a skinny kid. As long as your baby is following more or less a curve, and it sounds like yours is, it should not matter where they are on it. Ten or fifteen percent points are nothing. ...
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