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    I'm over expressing at work

    I have a 23 week old and went back to work when she was 12 weeks old. My plan was to express until she is 6 months and then slowly start her on solids and give her formula during the day while...
  2. Re: EBF 4.5 months old - drying up? Formula?

    Thanks a million for your reply. It really is such a relief and gives me peace of mind!
    I had no idea that I was feeding my baby too much expressed milk when I am away. I always thought that baby...
  3. EBF 4.5 months old - drying up? Formula?

    I have been reading so many posts and forums about this that I am completely unsure what to do. My LO is now 20 weeks old and I am still EBF. Tried a formula feed once but felt so bad that I wasn’t...
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