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  1. Re: baby is 4 weeks strictly formula fed but want to breastf

    Often times there are alternatives to medications that are safe to nurse while taking. However, if you still have not been given the medication and you are doing ok then maybe you don't really need...
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    Re: HELP! Cogged duct

    So, it sounds like your supply is good then if you are able to pump & feed?
  3. Re: Lumpy breasts - Normal? Is baby eating enough?

    I would just suggest pumping more often. Sounds to me like you are blessed with an abundant supply. I experience the same thing. If you're still lumpy after emptying with pumping then I would consult...
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    Re: Getting very disheartened

    I have successfully nursed 3 children. 2 for a year each, and my newborn is on that road as well. I would definitely agree to supplement with your own milk that you pump after feedings. Pumping is...
  5. Re: Breastmilk has decreased to almost nothing

    Are you drinking enough water? A lot of our breastmilk relies on us being well hydrated :)
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    Re: 2 weeks in and trouble

    Hi! Congratulations on your new baby!! I have successfully nursed 3 kiddos now. When I had our first baby I too experienced the same problem! My nipples were cracked, bleeding, and so painful I would...
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