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  1. Re: Advice for SIL who is having trouble with bleeding nipples

    I too had flat/inverted nipples on my left breast, and it made getting a good latch very difficult in the beginning. What helped the most, besides hands on help from a LC who came to my house at 4...
  2. Re: feeding every 2 hours at 15 weeks?

    I second the BF in public tips, but wanted to add, try nursing in a sling. It takes a little practice at home to figure it out, and I watched several videos on YouTube to get ideas and tips. I have a...
  3. Re: Big breasts, small nipples, how does it work??

    I too had similar problems, Big breasts, small nipples and small baby. I nursed with a crack on my left nipple for 6 weeks, then it finally healed, my DD is now 12 weeks, and I still need to hold my...
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    Re: inverted/cracked nipple

    Thanks for the responses, I did go by my Doctor's office today and had them take a look at my left nipple and they did not think it looked infected, but just normal cracking for what I am dealing...
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    inverted/cracked nipple

    Hi all, I am so glad I found these forums, lots of good advice here. I am a first time mom to a baby girl who is 2 weeks old tomorrow. We had a great natural labor and delivery and baby has been...
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