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  1. Re: What is Maximum Milk Production????????????

    You're doing exceptionally good to be getting this much, especially if you pump AFTER baby eats. I breastfeed exclusively, and baby is 8 months old, just so you know. I feed him 8 times throughout...
  2. Re: is this considered a "hospital grade" pump?

    It is not, but it is really the closest thing you can get to one...I tried the Medela Symphony, when I was in the hospital, and boy I LOVED that thing. The only difference between it and the one you...
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    Re: To Pump or Not

    If you have a good pump, it's always a supply saver. I've been using the latest of the Medela models, and it's wonderful. I stopped pumping at five months with my second child, and regretted it. My...
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    Re: Power Pumping ?

    I've never heard of power pumping. It normally takes my body awhile to produce milk, so I wait two whole hours before I repump. :) It always works. Also, I have to RELAX before the milk will come. I...
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    Re: 7 - Calling moms of 7 month olds?

    Well, he wakes with some breastfeeding, then goes down for a morning nap, and has more breastfeeding when he wakes around noon, at which point, he eats about half a jar full of organic banana or...
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    Re: No BM for 3 and1/2 days

    As long as he has had a bm by now, I wouldn't worry much. How old is he again? I am going into the post blindly..so sorry. If he is on solids, it's even more normal! :) Just lay low on the rice...
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    Re: Nystatin cream... wash off or not?

    If it goes in her mouth anyway, why would you need to wash it off?
    I wash mine off, though..with warm water only. :)
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    Re: Falling asleep while feeding

    I wish I did, love. Mine did that all the time. The good news is that they grow out of it. The only thing that helped keep my kids awake while breastfeeding was breast compression. Right when I...
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    Re: question?

    The pacifier is a wonderful tool for comfort in my opinion. But let the child decide. I tried with all three of my boys and only one took it, and even then only for a short while. It didn't really...
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    Re: Sleeping Through The Night

    Mine never did come, with my second child. It did with the first, but only because he switched to formula (which is not something I'd suggest). Babies have different personalities. They don't all...
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    Re: Should I wake up to pump?

    I have a baby with reflux as well, and I refused to allow him to sleep alone at all. He is now three months old (about the same age as yours) and still doesn't "sleep through the night". His...
  12. Re: Can nipple soreness still exist with a good latch?

    Breastfeeding takes a little while to get used to. When my baby was 6 weeks, I was STILL sore. He is now three months old and occasionally there is still some soreness but only as he latches and...
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    Re: About to throw in the towel....

    Oh my goodness....poor thing! Well don't give up just yet. Go get you a pump, even if it's a manual one, just to keep up supply. Also, at worst case scenario, when you just can't stand the pain TAKE...
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    Re: Can't tell what ds is telling me!

    Ohh those are prime times for fussiness with my son, too. He fusses at the breast and kicks me in the tummy when we nurse while lying down. He pops on and off, rooting desperately and then pushing...
  15. Re: Do you and your LO have a special song

    Old MacDonald had a farm, "Eli Eli Ooooo" (son's name is Eli)
  16. Re: Slow weight gain and elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST)

    Sometimes, in a case with elevated liver enzmes, there could be other things going on as opposed to the liver itself. The liver works in conjunction with the gallbladder, pancreas and even the...
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    Re: breast bottles?

    I tried them a couple of years ago...my son didn't latch onto them.
  18. Re: Breastfeeding not satisfying 10 day old

    My baby is 2.5 months and STILL does this! He sucks his fists about an hour after the meal and wants more. Other than this, does your baby sleep well? Is she fussy during or after meals? She might be...
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    Re: Should baby be woken up to feed?

    I wouldn't. I'd just pump out the milk the baby would normally take and store it in my freezer for a rainy day. :) Never wake the sleeping baby. Go enjoy a shower or read a book!
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    Re: Help No Milk????????

    Hi I just wanted to check in on you and make sure you haven't give up on the breastfeeding. If he is screaming like that it could be because he cannot get the milk out. Babies that young have a hard...
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    Re: Feeding while lying down - help?

    Honestly, it takes some time, patience and practice. I'd say to feed the baby a little bit in another position first, so that she doesn't learn this new position while starving hungry. It's too tough...
  22. Re: Thoughts of quitting after 4 months....need support.

    Oh goodness. My son is two months old and doing the same thing. We did find out he has reflux. But the meds prescribed aren't working well. My second child had reflux and did this as well. He grew...
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    Re: Grunting noises

    My baby does this. Sometimes he does it just because of his reflux and he is in pain after eating, but at other times, when he does this in combination with sucking his fists vigorously, it means he...
  24. Re: A couple of first time BF questions

    At this stage of a baby's breastfeeding relationship with you, everything is subject to change. It will even out between ages two-three months. Until then, she may want to feed on demand, which is...
  25. Re: Question about an overactive let down

    Yeah I definately have an overactive milk supply, too, and it can cause reflux in babies if not under control. I'd suggest not to pump more regularly, but to just breastfeed more regularly. This...
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