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    Thank You!

    Shaela just turned one year old. We made it to one year of breastfeeding, with no signs of slowing down! We also donated 150 oz. to the Mother's Milk Bank of New England. We're happily co-sleeping...
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    Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    Wonderful article:


    Ask bf to please read this!! I think every new parent should :) It makes me feel sooo good that we're doing the...
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    Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    I switched Peds when he told us to CIO at 2 mos. I think it's a fad that "modern science" started in the last century. No other mammals sleeps with their baby 20 feet away. CIO feels wrong because it...
  4. Re: Supplementing with whole milk at 10+ months?

    Oops, didn't see all the pages of responses, so I tried to delete what I typed but don't know how so I'm just erasing it. Your plan sounds good, good luck!
  5. Re: How long to keep trying the bottles?

    Also, check for lipase! I scald my pumped milk everyday when I get home. It's a juggle, but we get it done! By then, she's so tired we just veg in the couch the rest of the evening and she eats and...
  6. Re: How long to keep trying the bottles?

    Just went through this! I've been back to work for 5 weeks. Shaela *just* started taking 8 oz. On Thurs and Fri, hallelujah! It was rough on my parents, they just kept trying different bottles. The...
  7. Re: Leaving Baby may need to Scald milk.

    Sounds like more stress than it's worth for both you and baby! I co-sleep, so I've resigned myself to no nights out past 7pm for as long as it takes :) I can't imagine how she'd sleep w/o mommy :(
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    Re: Support needed :(

    I'm in week 12 of BF for first time. While I haven't faced a lack of support, I would suggest getting the LLL book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. I have vowed to have all my prego friends read the...
  9. Re: day 2 of no latching during the day

    Strangely, my 10 week old decided today that she wants to be fed "udder" style. I read suggestions to try feedin laying down, so while she was crying I put her on the floor and leaned over her. She...
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    Re: SO discouraged need encouragment

    I've had a fussy baby both at 4-6 weeks and again this past week at 9-10 weeks. It was either a stomach bug or the letdown that pissed her off I think. She kept screaming, crying, pulling off during...
  11. Re: Baby vomiting - Second opinion pleas

    We had 4 of those symptoms, but it was only during the morning/afternoon, and she was fine during the night. I was pumping an extra 2oz per day to store up, but I've stopped. No puking in 4 days, but...
  12. Re: Baby vomiting - Second opinion pleas

    Yeah, she threw up again last night (of course it was right after DH left for work!) It's fun whisking her away to the nursery while thinking "Gee, I hope the dog doesn't lick it up off the floor!"...
  13. Re: Baby vomiting - Second opinion pleas

    Agreed on the link!
  14. Re: Baby vomiting - Second opinion pleas

    Hmm... She has vomited 6 times since Monday (went two days without, but it happened again last night at bedtime - she kept squirming and feeding, then up it all came! Looked like 2 oz or so). No...
  15. Re: Baby vomiting - Second opinion pleas

    I find that disturbing, he knew I was breastfeeding. Time to find a new doc! Thank goodness for this forum and that I didn't blindly follow his instructions! I guess mother's intuition does exist?...
  16. Re: Baby vomiting - Second opinion pleas

    Thank you so much! I thought it sounded off.
  17. Baby vomiting - Second opinion please!

    Shaela was given her two month old vaccines Friday. Since yesterday she has thrown up (not spit-up) three times. No fever, seems happy, still eating and sleeping regularly. The pediatrician said it...
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    Getting Baby To Take A Bottle?

    I have to go back to work in a month, so I've been pumping once a day to build up a store for that first day. Baby took a bottle from daddy twice a few weeks ago (I had just started pumping, so it...
  19. Re: New Mom - so ready to be done with P

    I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through! You are *brave*!

    I'm sure you've done plenty of Internet searches, but this page is filled with info...maybe you've already found it?

    Thank you...
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    Re: How To begin pumping?

    After reading the low-supply thread...

    When I return to work, my schedule will be as follows:
    Leave for work at 6:50
    Pump at 10:00 (only 25 min break)
    Pump again at 1:50 (and anytime after...
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    Re: How To begin pumping?

    Thanks for the warnings! I go back to work mid-march, so she will have to be bottlefed, then :( I was thinking of starting with one bottle per day for now so she can get acclimated to a scheduled...
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    Re: How To begin pumping?

    Do you have to worry about taking too much the first time, or will baby still get enough if she wants to nurse right after I pump? She's not on a very set schedule just now, every day is different,...
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    How To begin pumping?

    Hi ladies! My newborn is 5 weeks now, and I wanted to think about pumping so dad can have some feeding bonding, and I can have a tad bit of freedom. Can anyone suggest how to begin this process, how...
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    Re: help psych me up, please

    I'm a new mom, new to BF (one month, two days!), so I don't have as much insight as these other gals, but I will say that I am 32 and my mom had me during the time when bottlefeeding was considered...
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