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  1. Re: Still WAY too much milk after 6 months!!

    Maybe one nursing per side isn't long enough for block nursing for you and your babe. Could you try 2 nursings per side? I've been advised to nurse on one side for a certain amount of time, too. ...
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    Re: new here! question..

    I just posted on another thread that I had read that os issues tend to regulate itself by 3 months. But I would definitely put a call into a lactation consultant (a good one!) to confirm that. With...
  3. Re: question about block feeding and supply

    I have had os issues with all 4 of my kids. The os issues began by 1 week old. I am not a lactation consultant at all, but by 3 months old, os issues tend to regulate, not begin to arise. So I...
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    Re: Too much milk?

    My son will be 6 weeks on monday and we have milk supply issues. symptoms are: green, mucousy, runny stool (no seeds); extreme gassiness and 15-20 dirty diapers/day, traces of blood in stool,...
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