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  1. Re: Nipple pain going on 5weeks,whats wr

    I do have creases on both nipples, but I don't know if that's bc they are stuffed into my bra with nursing pads.. Nothing else is really worrisome but the pain. I never made it this long BFing my...
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    Re: 3 week old with tonge-tie

    My son had his tounge clipped on 10/26, he was 3 weeks. We had it done by an ear nose and throat dr. The first dr we went to wanted to put him under anistesia and book an OR.. Needless to say we got...
  3. Nipple pain going on 5weeks,whats wrong?

    My baby was born Oct 3 and I have been consistently having pain since. He had a tounge tie that was clipped Oct 26th so i thought that is where the pain was coming from, but I am still having pain...
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