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    Re: hang in there ladies!

    Nicely put! I told my sister, who will be nursing her new baby coming up here in March/April, "if you can get through the first few weeks, you're set!" She has a lot of support (me who nursed my...
  2. Re: DH is not being much of a DH anymore...

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of sex right now either. And my DH acts like a total butt when he doesn't get it. So it makes me NOT want to do it even more. Ugh.

    And with the family members, I just ignored...
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    Re: DH not being supportive...

    I see you posted this in the weaning section as well. I replied there!
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    Re: Drinking water

    I just weaned (not even a week ago) and my LO is drinking a lot more cow's milk. (usually she'd throw it at me but since we weaned-she drinks it a lot) But I offer water but she doesn't seem too...
  5. Re: DH is not being much of a DH anymore...

    Seriously, I have written a few posts that are almost exactly the same in nature.

    My original goal was 1 year. Then a year came and went. And every month I heard "when are you going to be done?"....
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    She weaned....so quickly?

    So my almost 18 month old daughter Allie is done breastfeeding. I started fully weaning her last week at this time. All I did was cut out her feedings until bedtime. I work full-time so she did drink...
  7. Re: I think I'm doing this right???

    This is hard for both me and my dd. But I really feel the need to wean, both for my sanity and to treat my acne with medication that I can't take. Yes, I've read and own "How Weaning Happens" but it...
  8. I think I'm doing this right???

    So I hope to be done breastfeeding at the end of the month. My dd will be 18 months next week. :clap

    To start the weaning process on my end, I've started cutting back feedings. With the help of...
  9. Re: 18 months approaching-need help to wean!

    Night weaning night #1: not so good. Nursed her for a short minute right before bedtime. She slept from 8pm until 3:40am (which is rare) :clap

    But then I tried to only nurse her for a tiny bit....
  10. Re: how much should a 17mo be eating vs nursing

    My dd is 17 months old. Here's what she eats most days.

    -She breastfeeds frequently through the night (trying to night wean)
    -5:30am half to whole bowl of flavored oatmeal with whole milk
  11. Re: 18 months approaching-need help to wean!

    Thanks! I'm going to look up how to night wean right now! :hug
  12. 18 months approaching-need help to wean!

    My DD is 17 months old. I am proud to say I've nursed her for over a year but now I want to wean her. (the reasons are more selfish but 18 months is AWESOME in my opinion)

    I've been reading a lot...
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    Re: Help with weaning!!!!

    That's me EXACTLY! My little girl will be 18 months old in one month today! I'm not sure how to even start weaning her. I work full-time. She drinks cow's milk at daycare. Comes home and wants to...
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    Re: we did it

    Can I ask what your method of nightweaning was???? I'm in desperate need of a technique!

    And congrats! I'm sure it's bittersweet to wean! :clap
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    Re: Frustrated and confused...

    :hugThank you for your advice and encouragement!

    We had a big talk last night, mostly about our lack of sex life, and we are compromising about some things.

    I'm going off the Depo shot,...
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    Frustrated and confused...

    My dd is now 14 months old. Breastfeeding her this long has been mostly wonderful and one of the proudest things I've ever done. :love

    However, it's really taking a toll on my marriage. My husband...
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    Re: Need help weaning...

    That's my daughter to a tee! She wants to nurse as soon as we get back home from picking her up from daycare. I tried to distract her by taking her for a car ride (in her push car) outside, but she...
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    Re: Need help weaning...

    Yes to both. I think those will probably be the last ones to wean her from. Was there a reason you chose those ones first to cut? :shrug

    And I'll try the distraction method with food. But I can...
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    Re: Need help weaning...

    I know you weren't trying to offend me! :hug I'm just scared to go off the Depo because I won't be given any birth control until my period starts. And who knows when it will return.

    And I really...
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    Re: Need help weaning...

    I understand what you're saying. My doctor won't put me on another birth control method until I get my period back. So I will have to stop the Depo and wait until my period comes back. But the BFing...
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    Re: Night weaned - FINALLY

    *jealous* here! Congrats! :clap
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    Need help weaning...halfway there...

    My dd is almost 14 months old. My goal was 1 year but she's still nursing with no end in sight. And so far it's been a great experience that I will definitely never forget, however; it's my time to...
  23. Re: Made it 1 year and wanted to say thanks!

    Very cool! Congrats!!!!!!!!! :-)
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    Re: Frequent night feedings

    Do you cosleep with your LO? It's a great option for mothers with babies who feed frequently at night and then have to get up early for work. (like my LO who's 8 months old and still wakes up several...
  25. Re: Help!! 7 1/2 month old wt is 16pds

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...

    That's how old my DD is. Great age, isn't it? :love

    Typically you should have enough milk that will cover 1 to 1.5 ounces per hour you're away from...
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