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    Constant BFing at 14 months

    It's possible my lo is going through a growth spurt. He just got over about 6 weeks of being ill with flu and stomach virus. Now he's back to gaining weight and I wonder if he's making up for lost...
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    Re: Mum to be... planning to feed till 3!

    Kudos to you for standing your ground! The sad fact is, you won't change these people's minds, so learn to ignore them. Maybe come up with a pat response that you can utter over and over again every...
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    Re: We made it!

    Yay! We made our goal, too! I had to supplement a little since I wasn't able to pump enough during the work day, but he's over 14 months old now and still a BFing maniac. Congrats to all of us!! :clap
  4. Re: Ouchie breasts... for two different reasons

    Same thing with me and I was about to post a thread until I read this one. I too have little cuts on the base of my nips. At first I thought it was thrush (and I think we did have a mild case, thank...
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    Re: Thrush at 11months for first time

    LOL! Not pregnant. I don't think.......:yikes

    I will try everything you guys recommended. Thank you!!
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    Thrush at 11months for first time

    Help! I think I've developed thrush. Baby has first ear infection and has been on amoxicillin for 5 days now. I noticed painful nipples three days ago, no other symptoms for me. Baby shows no...
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    Re: For Moms of Big Babies

    Ian's nickname is "Chunklet" if that tells you anything. :D

    At over 8 months, he's not chunky anymore as his weight evened out. He's lean and super TALL. He hasn't met a food he doesn't like and...
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    Re: Nighttime

    Oh you are lucky! Good for you!

    Yes, my lo had that "problem" for awhile until I consulted a lactation expert and midwife and she said at that age (your lo's age), he is mature enough to wake...
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    Re: How long for GSE to take effect?

    Oh I hope this ointment helps! In the event that it doesn't (but I hope hope it does), have you thought of pumping and bottling feeding just long enough to let the sores to heal?

    Also, have you...
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    Re: Fussing A LOT while nursing...why???

    Hi lovinhim - So sorry you are so frustrated. You are a saint to stick to it and your baby is very lucky to have such a dedicated mom. :clap

    At this point I would suggest calling your local LLL...
  11. Temas: sweet

    by @llli*tefitefi

    Re: sweet

    Ah, those are the best moments. I feel so lucky to be a bf momma. :love
  12. Re: Sleep & Nursing - Am I doing the right thing?

    That's my fear, too. But seriously, it seems so unnatural to ignore my lo when he's asking me (in his own way) for something he needs. :ita
  13. Re: Sleep & Nursing - Am I doing the right thing?

    Thanks momma! The co-sleeping issue is part philosophical and part we-can't-all-sleep-together-b/c-his-kicking-and-tossing-keeps-us-all-awake! :lol

    Anyone out there experience sleep issues w/...
  14. Sleep & Nursing - Am I doing the right thing?

    Hey mommas - I need some advice/feedback/support. Lately my 8-month old has been waking in the night after weeks of solid sleep for 8+ hours. Could be teething, growth spurt or just being a baby, you...
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    Re: Band-aid on nipple OK?

    Could you nurse on the good nipple and pump on the hurt one then give your lo the ebm? This might give your nipple time to heal. And give that tactile little gal something else to fiddle with. The...
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    Re: How long does BM last?

    Oh my oh my. I've uttered those exact words, but it was more screaming than uttering. :rolleyes: Throwing away 2 ounces of bm because it "looks funny" is not going to fly! Grrr.

    Okay, rant over....
  17. Re: when will his nursing "conditions" change

    Yikes! Sounds rough. Just a hello and some encouragement. :hug

    Maybe other mamas out there have some advice?
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    Re: Menstruation Question

    Thanks for the link runningmom! :)
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    Re: Menstruation Question

    Interesting! Well it's been a week and my cycle is just about done. Nothing really changed except he did refuse the breast several times, which he'd never done before. He also has been nursing for...
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    Re: I give up...

    :ita:ita:ita:ita:ita So true. Hope it's gotten better for you. Formula is tempting but so misleading. It is not better and definitely not easier. Who's going to clean and santize all those bottles...
  21. Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant -- need encouragement and help

    I'm not in your situation, but a comment on your midwife: If you don't like her, you might want to find another since you're just beginning. I liked my midwives pretty well, but their assistant I...
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    Menstruation Question

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but:

    I just started my period last night after a 17-month reprieve (boo! hiss! :eye). Are there any changes in my bf'ing I should watch out for now that I've...
  23. Re: Still havingproblems...i'm crying!!

    All of that sounds totally normal - even the weight part. Our lo was low weight for weeks then just shot off the charts one day and has been fine ever since. What you are going through sounds exactly...
  24. Re: Not sure if this is the place - but how do all of you deal with the comments

    I once had a stranger call me an idiot for doing natural childbirth and she also said the same thing about my baby daddy and sex. Let me tell you: Men do not stop wanting sex. Period. No matter what....
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    Re: Body Wrap?

    I agree with pp's. :ita I wouldn't mess with mother nature while you're nursing. Why not try a natural detox regimen for about a week that is also healthy: greens, fruit, wild rice, water, no dairy,...
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