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    Re: 6 Month Old Starting Day Care - Help

    A few things off the top of my head:

    - Try a bottle w/ a latex nipple. Mine will only take latex nipples.
    - You might want to either leave him there longer (5-6 hrs), or not nurse him so close...
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    Re: Pumping at night

    Not sure how old your baby is, but when mine would start sleeping longer at night, they would start eating more often during the day.
  3. Re: Bottle brush for Medela collection bottles

    Not sure which oxo one you mean, Tracie. The "Oxo Tot" one is supposedly too big for the medela bottles, according to the internets. I ended up with a tommy tippee one; we'll see how that goes. I...
  4. Bottle brush for Medela collection bottles

    I feel as though I've asked this questions before, but for the life of me I can't find the thread.

    Does anyone know of a specific (brand/style) bottle brush that will fit the Medela collection...
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    Re: making siblings vs. BFing longer

    Just chiming in with my experience.

    I am in my mid-30's. It took us 1.5 years to conceive my oldest. The next two were "one-hit wonders"; my first two are 17 mos apart, and #2 and #3 are 21 mos...
  6. Re: Happy spit up/ over feeding vs true reflux

    How forceful? Does she wretch or gag? Does it happen while she's eating?
  7. Re: how to balance pumping and employment...? is it worth it

    This. It's all in how you present it.
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    Re: Low supply

    I don't have/use a pumping bra, but what I did was lean forward at my desk so that one flange was sort of propped on the edge; then I would hold the other horn with one hand and do breast...
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    Re: sterilizing bottle parts

    If your baby is healthy, not premature, a good wash with soap and hot water should be fine.
  10. Re: 3 1/2 hour morning car trip questions

    We just did that last night with my 6 week old. Drive on!
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    Re: 15 month old

    Never :gvibes
  12. Re: 9 mon old no interest in solids new dr is making me anxi

    Have you tried any finger foods? Beans (I used canned because I'm lazy) and lentils are a good source of iron. Other finger foods: bananas, sweet potatoes (baked in strips), dry cereal/puffs, etc. ...
  13. Re: In-laws trying to give junk food to baby rant

    I can't stress enough how little you should argue with these people. Say ONCE "she won't be eating *xyz*", and if they say anything else, change the subject, and if they STILL say something, GET UP...
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    Re: does my baby ever need a 5 oz bottle?

    My oldest got 5oz bottles for a while; not every feeding, but once or twice a day. This was during my heyday of pumping, when I was pumping over 20oz per day; I had it to spare ;) He would get...
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    Re: Oh my god help!

    Also, how old is your baby? Have your cycles started back? Could you be pregnant? How many times do you pump while at work (give me a range based on your varying schedule)? Have you always had...
  16. Re: Things to do before baby comes to get milk in sooner??

    So jealous of your hospital that lets you nurse in the OR!!! All 3 of mine been sections as well. #2 was the one I had the most trouble with (weight loss, delay of milk, etc).
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    Re: Gaining weight to fast?

    Both my babies gained weight really quickly in the first few months, then leveled out. That's the normal pattern for breast fed babies. My son was like 12#12 at 2 mos, but only 18 lbs by 9 mos. ...
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    Re: Pump weaning over two month holiday?

    Since you are already pumping just once per day, this should go pretty smoothly. I would try to push that morning pumping session to after you've nursed her at lunch. If you get too uncomfortably...
  19. Re: Coughing, choking, wheezing, major spitting up

    :ita. My daughter did the EXACT same thing for the first few months of her life. Freaky for sure. She eventually quit though. I chalked it up to reflux (though she rarely actually spit up).
  20. Re: Things to do before baby comes to get milk in sooner??

    The best thing you can do to get your milk to come in in a timely manner is to put the baby to the breast early and often. A delay in milk coming in is most often due to early and unneeded...
  21. Re: Mostly BF 4 month old hasn't pooped in 4 days

    My oldest pooped about once a week - huge, orange, pasty explosions of poo.

    Have you started solids? What's the consistency of his stool (the one 4-5 days ago). Is he content otherwise? Not...
  22. Re: Can I still increase my supply at 8 months and pumping?

    Could you be pregnant?
  23. Re: Almost 2 mos. pregnant and trying to produce for my 8mo.


    It sucks, but it's true. My first two are 17 mos apart. I had to start supplementing with stored frozen EBM, and then formula, starting when my son was 10 mos (I was about 10 weeks along). ...
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    Re: More questions about pumping

    1) & 2) Assuming your baby is older (couple of months?), it's okay not to pump in between feedings or at night. Are you working outside the home? Some working mamas might pump extra b/c a mixed...
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    Re: Frozen breast milk

    Is the milk frozen solid or chilled in the fridge?
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