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  1. Re: I'm so tired! Could something be wrong?

    speak with your doc--it could be a lot of things--most likely a combination of things.

    Are you taking your prenatal vitamins still?? If not--run to the drug store & get some!!!

    Have your doc...
  2. Re: help! nursing for 2 months now and still in pain!

    I had thrush for the 1st 2 months!! I"d SCREAM when he latched on and cry the entire time he nursed

    what finally helped me was cutting out sugar and gentian violet

    cleared right up and hasn't...
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    Re: vitamins

    It is recommended that you take prenatal vitamins the entire time you nurse. (note it will irritate some babies, esp reflux babies--if you notice them bothering baby's tummy ask your doc about a...
  4. Re: Ouch! How do I know if it's thrush??

    yes-go to the doc or LC for a dx if you have never had thrush before

    here a bit of info though
    Symptoms for mom: not all have to be present
    *Painful nipples after being pain free for weeks or...
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    Re: Is ds teething??

    It's normal for babies around the 3 month mark to start producing more saliva. Does necessarily mean he's teething. . .

    The extra "comfort" nursing may not be so much comfort nursing as a growth...
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    Re: green poop

    OVERSUPPLY(aka foremilk-hindmilk imbalance)

    When a mother has more milk than her baby can handle, the following behaviors may be common:

    Baby cries a lot, and is often very irritable and/or...
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    Re: Switching sides

    Some babies only take one side per feeding and as long as she has enough output (6-8 wet diapers and 1 bm/day) this is fine.

    Maybe you could pump and freeze from the other side . . .

    If you...
  8. Re: Breastfeeding = healthier babies??

    Breastfeeding isn't some miracle drug that will keep kids from ever geting sick. All babies are different.

    I'm sure there are some VERY healthy, never been sick a day in their life formula fed...
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    Re: What are your lo's eating???

    We are doing baby led weaning - no baby food - no purees - just real table food. It's soooo much better!!! I did homemade (a a little jarred) with my oldest and I MUCH prefer this way!!!

    how old??...
  10. Re: how do your breasts feel once regulated?

    It's normal. I'm the same way and at 20lbs @ 6 months while exclusively breastfed, I'd say I have no shortage of milk LOL:D

    It's also normal to worry that you don't have enough milk :D
  11. Re: How much is your 6 m/o eating?

    You say she eats often. Ends the session herself. Dose she seem healthy? happy? Satisfied?

    I HATE growth charts. They freak parents out. There is nothing wrong with a child in the 15th...
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    Re: Starting Solids and Reflux

    Yes I'm afraid we will have to switch to a PPI with the introduction of solids . . .
  13. Re: Extra Milk...give to older child or freeze?

    Any amount of breastmilk is better than none

    here is some info for you

    In the second year (12-23 months), 448 mL of breastmilk provides:
    29% of energy requirements
    43% of protein...
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    Re: Is it thrush?

    Here is some info on yeast

    Candidiasis, commonly called yeast infection or thrush, is a fungal infection.

    Symptoms for mom: not all have to be present
    *Painful nipples after being pain free...
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    Re: Starting Solids and Reflux

    oh, okay, thanks

    yeah my diet is very limited as he is so sensitive to dairy and such, which is why I am so causious

    anyone else care to share thier experience or advice??
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    Re: nursing strike - 4th day now

    My son is teething now and for a couple of weeks he won't nurse unless he is asleep, going to sleep or just waking up. It'll most likely pass on it's own Just encoiurage baby to eat but don't force...
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    Re: Starting Solids and Reflux

    what is the nasty 9???
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    Starting Solids and Reflux

    My 6 1/2 month old has reflux and if it were up to me I would still not have him on solids but he WANTS to eat. He's had crackers, rice, potatoes, yams, avacado, cherrios, rice chex, bananas and...
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    Re: Suddenly stopped feeding

    It is rare for babies this young to self wean, most likely it is a nursing strike (I'm sure there is some info on them either here or on kellymom.com you could easily search)

    Lots of babies who...
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    Re: 6 months, losing interest :(

    My oldest son went on a nursing strike at 5 1/2 months and I thought he was self weaning. I regret that I didn't nurse him longer/try harder/know more.

    It is rare for babies to self wean before...
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    Re: White spot on nipple?

    Yep--sounds like my clogged duct I had also.

    Massage your breast toward the nipple during a warm shower or bath. Also do this while nursing.

    Can you feel a lump in your breast? If to-point...
  22. Re: 2 week old crying throughout everytime I nurse?

    I'm so sorry--how frustrating!

    It could be lots of things. You might also want to take him to his doctor to check for an ear infection.
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    Re: Prunes? (To make baby poop)

    I always used apple juice/pear juice/prunes in that order with my oldest--started with the mildest then on to the stronger stuff. My 3 year old still loves prunes. You should see the look on people's...
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    Re: developing food intolerance?

    My baby wasn't gassy due to the oversupply, but that was the problem. I did two hour block feeding and it worked like a charm :)
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    Re: bf while sick

    Agree--when you're sick your breastmilk becomes a 'medication' that is made just for that virus or bacteria that causes you to be sick, lessening the chanse of baby getting sick :)
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