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    Re: Reusing milk?

    This is helpful, thank you!
  2. Re: Storing breastmilk in bottle after use?

    I found the other thread. I posted there. Thanks!
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    Reusing milk?

    I just returned to work this week. My mom is watching my daughter. This question keeps coming up...

    She offers my daughter a 3.5 oz bottle and sometimes she doesn't finish it all. I've seen some...
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    Re: First day back at work went well.....

    This is my second week back to work and I was wondering the same about milk quantity. I get an average of 4 oz at each pumping as well. What I apparently wasn't doing, which I learned on this site,...
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    Re: How do you clean your pump at work?

    Medela makes some wipes you can use if you are not near a sink. I use them on occassion to wipe down the pump parts when I'm not near a sink. Then I just wash them when I get home.
  6. Storing breastmilk in bottle after use?

    My mom is watching my daughter while I am at work. At the moment my daughter is taking about 3 - 3.5 oz of breast milk. There are times when she doesn't finish the bottle.

    I have heard...
  7. Re: Day 3 back to work - am I getting enough milk?

    I'm using a double Medela eletric pump, pump in style I think. I was surprised that it only took 15 minutes from start to finish, including set-up and breakdown. I'll try to increase my time for a...
  8. Re: Need advice on when/how to start making freezer stash

    My daughter is 12 weeks and I went back to work 3 days ago.

    I slowly built up a stash by pumping after she was done eating. My doc suggested I pick 2 feeding times after which to pump and stick...
  9. Day 3 back to work - am I getting enough milk?

    Hello. This is my third day back to work. My daughter is 3 months old tomorrow and seems to be taking about 3 - 3.5 oz per bottle feeding while I am at work.

    I'm pumping about 8-9 oz while at...
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