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    Re: Concerned

    This just goes to show that doctors can't be right about everything. As PP mentioned, no solid food has as many calories as breastmilk, so switching to solids right now will not help with weight...
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    BLW question

    My daughter is 7 months old. We started giving her finger foods at 6 months. She was showing a lot of interest in what we were eating and always tried grabbing food off our plates. Now that we've...
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    Re: Donating Milk

    Thank you! :)
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    Donating Milk

    I have an oversupply and I'm interested in donating my excess milk. I looked on HMBANA's website and their closest location to me is 3 hours away. I know I can ship the milk, but I was wondering if...
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    Re: Work From Home?

    Also look at oDesk.com :)
  6. Re: Boss/Managers giving me issues about pumping

    mommal - Thank you for the recommendation! I know the regional manager (he stops by the store often), but I didn't want to run to him immediately. I think writing a letter is a WONDERFUL idea. I...
  7. Boss/Managers giving me issues about pumping

    I have an 11 week old daughter. I've been back to work since she was 6 weeks. I wait tables and pump once during my 5-8 hour shifts. It was working out just fine until recently. I would pump...
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    Re: Work From Home?

    Hi there! I've been wondering the same things and found a couple sites that give good ideas for SAM. I work outside the home right now and I hate it. I wish I could just spend all day with my...
  9. Re: New Pumping Law for Working Breastfeeding Women ???

    Thanks to everyone who replied! So far, everything at work has been wonderful minus the fact that I can't bring my LO with me. Wouldn't that be a perfect work environment. :)
    I've been back to...
  10. Re: New Pumping Law for Working Breastfeeding Women ???

    Good idea about the sign. I'd have to get some sort of shade for the window on the door, but that's not too hard. The door can be locked even though people have keys, but usually only managers...
  11. Re: New Pumping Law for Working Breastfeeding Women ???

    Yea, they have more than 50 employees. I just don't know how I should go about telling them about the law. I don't think they are aware of this law at all. I don't want to shove it in their face...
  12. New Pumping Law for Working Breastfeeding Women ???

    I know there's a new law about breastfeeding mothers and our rights to pump at work. I've thoroughly reviewed it and understand it. I'm having trouble with one area of it though. It states that...
  13. Re: No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    Thank you so much everyone! It's comforting to know that everything she's doing is completely normal. I quickly realized that turning on some of my favorite shows for a couple hours would get me...
  14. Re: server at a resturant.. not possible for me to pump

    I'm in the same situation as you. I am also a server at a restaurant and I've been worrying about these issues since I found out I was pregnant. As a server, I understand that you can't just drop...
  15. No milk left because DD ate for 3 hours

    My daughter is 2 weeks old today. She has been doing great with breastfeeding. She did have a growth spurt already that lasted 3 days.

    Now, I have a new issue. She was doing great all day;...
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