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    Re: Constipation?

    Baby formula does have a tendency to constipate babies. I would ask your doctor if there's anyway that you could cut the formula out since you are starting solids as well.
  2. Re: What names have your babies called BF?

    Funny my friends daughter calls it T. She is 4 now and has weaned, but she still wants to hold a "T" before she goes to sleep.

    Ellie called it milkies and Rose calls them na nas.
  3. Re: Dramatically Reduced Output - 9 months old

    First off, relax. It's harder for your body to let down when you are stressing. It seems like I was having the same problem occasionally around the same age with my DDs.

    Is your lo nursing less...
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    Re: We are here.

    Rose's nursing still ebbs and flows. Sometimes she can't get enough, and others I think it may be the end. Hard to belive that Adelyn is getting to be that age. :love
  5. Re: I hope it's not too nosy and won't offend anyone, but how old are you?

    28...almost 29.
  6. Re: Teething Question - How did you soothe your baby at night while teething?

    It's also important to let your lo nurse as frequently as they like when they are teething. Breastmilk contains natural pain killers in it, and will help relieve some of the pain. :gvibes
  7. Re: breastfeeding pain during menstrual cycle???

    What is the pain like. My nipples get super sore before and during my period and it's somewhat painful to nurse my DD.
  8. Re: Going to start working nights, any advice welcome!

    I have worked evenings since both of my girls were born. It works out really well for us. Have you husband start taking over the bedtime routine. :ita Maybe try a practice run, and leave the...
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    Re: How often does your toddler nurse?

    Your body will adjust to you not pumping during the day, and nursing on demand on the weekends. :ita

    My DD is 20 months old and still nursing about 6-8x a day.
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    Re: Beautiful Video

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    Re: 6 months celebration!

    You are a :hero to your LO! Congrats on making it this far!
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    Re: Gaining Weight but no Poop...Help!

    As long as your LO is not straining to have a bowel movement and seems comfortable and content, I would say that things are probably fine. One of my DD's only pooped 1 or 2x a week from the time she...
  13. Re: Anyone else hand express after you pump?

    I used to always hand express post pumping after I watched that video! I was able to get about half an ounce extra as well.

    You'll get the technique down. It took a little practice for me, but...
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    Re: Afrin nasal spray ok for nursing?

    I have also used it with no adverse effects. :gvibes
  15. Re: Baby born at 36 wks, not sure nursing enough

    Hmmmm... :scratch

    Maybe you could try some breast compressions. They are a great way at keeping baby interested and actively drinking at the breast.

    And things will get easier. You really...
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    Re: Logan weaned!

    Maybe for you...:happytears

    I'm so happy that everything feels right for the two of you! :gvibes
  17. Re: Baby born at 36 wks, not sure nursing enough

    I think that sounds great mamma! :gvibes

    Do you ever hear your baby gulping at the breast? Does it seem like they are having a hard time keeping up with the speed your milk is flowing?
  18. Re: Baby born at 36 wks, not sure nursing enough

    :welcome and congrats on your LO!

    The best indication if your LO is getting enough milk, is to monitor output. How many wet and soiled diapers is your baby having a day? If it's coming out, it's...
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    Re: Viola Lennon, LLL co-Founder

    :cry :ita
  20. Re: Still having really long feedings at 3 weeks

    How are wet and dirty diapers?

    There is NOTHING wrong with your supply, mamma. This is normal. Babies nurse so frequently when they are young for a variety of reasons. One of the main ones is...
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    Re: Cracked nipple

    Congrats again on your LO, mamma!

    PUtting expressed breast milk on your nipple and letting it air dry will help it heal. I would try offering the uninjured nipple first so hopefully your LO will...
  22. Re: is it ever too late to learn a good latch?

    Dr. Jack Newman's website has some great videos about latching.
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    Re: how much to feed???

    Your baby should typically consume an ounce to an ounce and half per hour that you are away. Babies will drink more from a bottle because it's easier to get the milk from than the breast.
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    Re: Please help me!!! In tears :(:(

    Sorry you're having a tough time mamma! :hug

    Here is some information about nursing strikes and what to do what your baby won't nurse. Hope you can find some of the info here useful.
  25. Re: I thought this stuff was normal...

    We're glad you foudn this site too! :welcome

    Thrush is a booger to get rid of, and may be some of the reason why your LO is popping on and off. Sometimes it's a little painful for them to nurse...
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