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  1. Can mastitis cause baby to have diarrhea?

    I'm mommy to a sweet baby boy who just turned 1 year old this month. I unfortunately just developed my first case of mastitis ever. I'm on antibiotics (day 2), but still have not been able to clear...
  2. I need help please 9 months old and my supply is decreasing

    Hi all! Any advice is greatly appreciated. Here's my dilemma. My son is now 9 months old and my supply is dropping. My breasts are noticely decreasing in size and I'm pumping less amounts while...
  3. Re: Help 5 wk old with green poop and fussiness

    Thank you for your replies. After 5 weeks of my son being miserable I think that I have identified the culprit, and am posting it on here for others to read just in case someone else has this issue....
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    Re: Major let down difficulty

    I've tried the massage, no luck. I will give the warm compresses a shot. Thank you.
  5. Help 5 wk old with green poop and fussiness

    Hi all! Thank you ahead of time for your help and suggestions. I have a 5 week old sweet baby boy that has been fussy quite often since day 3. At 3 days old he became extremely fussy in the evening...
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    Major let down difficulty

    Hello all. I'm new to this forum. I'm the mommy of a 5 week old and have started pumping in order to store up milk for my return to work at 12 weeks. I am having major let down issues while...
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