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    Re: Problems with Right Side

    hello luv - i had exactly the same problem. my boy is now 10 weeks and feeding like a champ from both sides. this is what i did:

    1. keep on giving him the right breast and pump after he finishes...
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    Re: Binky Culprit or Another Issue?

    My boy does it occassionally and i figured out that it was when the milk was not squirting out nicely as he likes and he had to suck harder to get it out. He was just getting frustrated so i gave him...
  3. Re: 7 wk old-EASY and growth spurt questions

    I agree with other mums - my boy literally hangs off my boob all day long. He sometimes falls asleep on the boob I delatch him he wakes up has some fun, wants boob again etc. I love this as he is my...
  4. Re: BFing with inverted nipples...Help!


    I strongly recommend wearing medela nipple former which draws the nipple out, available from amazon. Also useful latch assist device by lansinoh that helps to draw the nipple out directly...
  5. Re: how does correct breast feeding feel like?

    Thanks for your advice. Where can I get probiotic powder and how do give ot to your baby, just on tip of your finger on his tongue? Before every feed? MANY THANKS AS ALWAYS!
  6. Re: how does correct breast feeding feel like?

    Thank you - I was hoping it's not thrush...it's not too bad though that is why I have been carrying on without too much concern. If you do not treat it with medicines does it get worse or can it heal...
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    Re: milk turning yellow?

    thanks - I did not realise that! I have not thawed my milk yet. Will try in a couple of days. Best wishes to you all and thanks for your replies.
  8. how does correct breast feeding feel like?

    Hello mums!

    I'm breatfeeding my little boy for 6 weeks now. I have got a question: How is proper breastfeeding supposed to feel like? is it Totally painless during and after and your nipples...
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    milk turning yellow?

    Dear pumping mamas out there - I havre been pumpink milk for a copuple of weeks now and storing it in my freezer. I have recently discovered though that milk in some of the bags turned yellow while...
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    Re: backtracking?

    Hi - this happened to me before although I was not using bottle. Suddenly my boy started to pull of breast cry, struggle to latch on, feed and stop and cry. I started to worry it was oversupply but I...
  11. Re: what am i doing wrong this time?

    Thanks for your encouragement. It really is minefield and everything you do with bfeeding affects something else. I am trying with the right breast and quitting is not an option. Long live the...
  12. Re: what am i doing wrong this time?

    thank you for the link it explains a lot and puts my mind at rest. I will definately try out some of the suggestions. many thanks!!!
  13. what am i doing wrong this time?

    Dear mums,

    My baby boy is 3 weeks old now and as things got beter with bfeeding after all sorts of problems like cracked nipples, flat nipples, engorged armpits etc. I was pleased to start...
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    one breast/nipple preference?

    Hi - my baby is 2 weeks old and after initial hurdles, such as cracked nipples etc we got some aspects of bfeeding to a good start. He is now an expert on the left breast but struggles on the right...
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