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    Re: Insane diarrhea:(

    Thanks, ladies. I'm vacillating between "let's just ride this out; she looks fine, is totally happy to play, giggly, appetite is good, etc" and "aaaaah! Why would she be pooping 13+ times a day?!!!!"...
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    Insane diarrhea:(

    My almost 27 month old has been having diarrhea for over 2 months now. It didn't start too badly and I was chalking it up to teething, a stomach virus we all had, and she has had days, sometimes in...
  3. Re: Let down suddenly taking forever- baby can't wait

    I've been dealing w/ similar for about almost a month. Well, a few days ago I started menstruating :( So I think for me, the delayed letdowns were def a sign of fertility returning. She's 8 mos...
  4. Re: weight gain - stress! fortifying 2 bottles/day

    Well, we had an IBCLC appt last week and she gave me some encouragement, too. I'm feeling a lot better, but mostly encouraged by the fact that she does in deed seemto be gaining an ounce per day! ...
  5. Re: weight gain - stress! fortifying 2 bottles/day

    thanks for the bump; maybe this is not an issue many people are dealing with? I'm having a hard time figuring if my little girl is just genetically small or if she really is not getting quite the...
  6. weight gain - stress! fortifying 2 bottles/day

    so stressed about this. just want ydd to "chub up." in good news, my previous two kids seemed to react to something in my milk/diet, and I've worked for the past three years to improve my gut...
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    Re: Mucousy poop

    sorry, i don't know, but am also wondering! now that her poop is back to yellow after green for a few weeks (too much foremilk, not enough hindmilk was the problem I think), I'm wondering about...
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    green poop

    For four days now, my 2-week old has been having greenish, slightly mucousy poops. They're still seedy/curdy like before (they'd been yellowish/orangish). I called a local LLL leader and have been...
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