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    Domperidone and fenugreek together?

    I've been taking 120mg domperidone for about 2 months now...and we have it to where DD needs 9oz formula supplement (I also pump 1.5oz every morning which she takes in a bottle mixed with formula)....
  2. Re: 2 1/2 month old only nursing every 3-4 hours!!

    DD was like this from about 3 weeks until about 8 weeks. She was gaining more than enough, feeding every 3-4 hours during the day and doing a 6 hour then 4 hour stretch at night. She was the same -...
  3. Re: SNS help and weaning off supplements

    Thank you.

    I have always nursed her first before supplementing, even with the SNS. DD has always seemed content after feeding whether she really was full or not - so my lactation consultant had...
  4. SNS help and weaning off supplements

    Hi Mama's, I'm new here.

    It's been a long road for myself and my DD. I delivered at 35w6days - She is almost 11 weeks now and we have endured two frenotomys, one at three days old and one last...
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    Re: 5 weeks old and tongue-tied

    My DD is 11 weeks old - we just had her second frenotomy done last week. At 3 days old we had her visible frenulum snipped, I'd left the hospital 24 hours after giving birth with blistered and...
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