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    My preemie BF experience

    I thought now that DS has been home for a while and we have the hang of things, I would post this in the hope that it will help others who may be in the same situation.

    DS was born at 32 weeks, 1...
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    Re: Weaning off the bottle

    My baby ate that slowly until he was about 45- 46 weeks old (he was born at 32.) I don't think you're doing anything wrong from the sound of it.. just plan to spend a lot of time on the couch, with...
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    Re: When will he get more efficient?

    My son got way more efficient around 5 - 6 weeks adjusted age (he was a preemie.) He went from taking at least an hour to draining a breast in 10 min. Yay! He still eats often, but at least each...
  4. Re: New & Scared: hellp, c-section, preemie...

    What they said. A week after my 32-weeker was born, I was probably making about as much as you. Holding the baby & pumping every 3 hours even during the night helped a lot (that 8th pumping of the...
  5. Re: breast emptied after feedin..still milk there?

    It sounds like cluster feeding all right, my son is the same. Yesterday he ate from 3 PM- 10 PM and we finally gave him EBM in a bottle to settle him down, then I pumped until I got as much as he...
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    Re: Nipple shield???

    This thing about folding it up.. maybe that depends what kind of shield you are using. THere is no way I can see that you could fold up the one I use. There is space between my nipple and the end...
  7. Re: Suggestions for oversupply issues?

    Does he scream after the feeding for a while too, or just during it? My son has reflux and sometimes he'll fight the breast and scream during a feeding. The symptoms of OALD and reflux seem to...
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    Re: Questions about Mastitis

    Are you able to totally rest and stay in bed, except for nursing? Mastitis really ran me down and this was the only way I was able to recover. It took about 5 days before I really felt that the...
  9. When does dairy sensitivity happen?

    My little guy had normal breastfeeding poo for his first 8 weeks of life or so, but for the last 2 weeks he has had 8-12 watery BMs per day with a little slime or seeds in them. He is staying...
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    When does cluster feeding stop?

    My son is about 4 weeks adjusted age (born at 32 weeks.) He's been cluster feeding a lot for the last 2 or 3 weeks. Do they outgrow this? WHEN??? Sometimes it's just the evening feeding (which...
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    Re: Preemie in NICU - nipple confusion?

    You have gotten good advice here already! I just want to add, I am now home with my son who was born at 32 weeks and we had the same issues. At my hospital, they tube fed, then let me breast feed...
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    Anemic preemie

    HI again everyone,

    My little guy was not the greatest eater in the hospital. He got a blood transfusion for anemia (hematocrit was 23, he had other symptoms like poor blood oxygenation) about a...
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    Re: Preemie, pump, engorgement!

    LLL, that's what seems to be working at last. I started pumping one minute less each time, then 2 minutes less. Also, the little guy started eating more and now I am only pumping about half as many...
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    Re: Preemie, pump, engorgement!

    Thanks for all your comments, everyone. I'll try the suggestions that seem right to me. :-)
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    Preemie, pump, engorgement!

    Hi everyone,

    My son was born 8 weeks early and came home after 6 weeks. He is a great breastfeeder with a nipple shield, and for now we've been told he needs 2 bottles a day mixed with fortifier...
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