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    how often do you nurse your 12 month old?

    Hi :gvibes, my dd is only 9.5 months now, but still nurses quite often throughout the day. I have to return to work when she is a year old, and Im already worrying about how it's all gonna work out....
  2. can you develop a breast infection after 9 months of BFing?

    Hi--last night my 9 month old DD went from 7 pm to 430 am without a feeding--the longest stretch so far. The 2 nights prior, she went about 7-8 hours without eating. So this morning, I had a painful...
  3. 6 month old frozen breastmilk--use or throw it out?

    Hi:goodvibes: After refusing to drink out of a bottle her whole life--my 8 month old DD just drank 1 oz of bm from one. I have some frozen that I hate to waste (there is alot in there), but its 6...
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    how can she not be hungry?

    Hi all. So this past week, my 10 week old has been sleeping longer thru the night. And actually, last night she went 7 hrs (!), 1015 until 530, ate alot from 530-630, and then woke up at 10 am!! This...
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    Re: when do the problems end?

    This is what IVe said too! The birth was over in 12 hours, youre faced with breastfeeding (and the possible pain, cracked nipples, breast infections, exhaustion, the ups and downs) every 2-3 hours,...
  6. Re: Too many nighttime feedings = exhausted mommy. Any advice?

    Who doesn't recommend swaddling? Ive only heard not to swaddle in an overly warm room, otherwise, it may even help prevent SIDS, b/c the baby doesn't roll around. One of the other moms recommended...
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    Re: Postpartum Contractions

    hey, my daughter is 9 weeks and I am still feeling them occasionally too, right after the letdown usually. I was surprised that it was lasting this long too, so Im glad I read this post!:)
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    Re: help! callous on nipple

    i use lanolin too...
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    help! callous on nipple

    hey all, over the past week, Ive developed a callous witha small crack on my left nipple due to an incorrect latch from my 5 week old, and now it seems her mouth just keeps latching on to the...
  10. hindmilk--where is it? how long to reach it?

    Hey there, this may seem like a simple question, but how long until the hindmilk is reached at a feeding? I have a couple to several letdowns during a feeding, sometimes at the very end of one side,...
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    Re: Let sleep or wake up

    I love my Moby wrap, but I have to be careful, my daughter will sleep forever in it and not wake up to eat, I have to make sure I watch how long she;s been in it.
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