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    We made it!!!

    Yay, my little man is 1 year old :hb (and 2 days :) ) and we made it. 100% nursing, no formula and no store bought baby food!

    I'm so excited. With two is was sometimes tough, but luckily he's...
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    Re: taking PIS apart

    For me, one of the most important things to learn when putting my pump parts together was to not fit that yellow piece on too tightly. The sometimes I'd just wedge it on there not thinking and then...
  3. Re: Tips for storing/transporting pump parts, etc.

    I actually bring my pump parts to work in the same cooler that I bring my milk home in (and bring my lunch to work in). Are you carrying a cooler and could you fit your pump parts in there? I have...
  4. Pump weaning for 1st birthday

    Alright, my son is almost 10 months old and I want to have an idea of what to expect when pump weaning at work. For DD I pumped till she was 15 months old and just gradually pump weaned, but I'm at...
  5. Re: Doctor is pushing formula! Help please!

    My daughter was born at the 5%-ile for weight and basically has stayed there ever since (with a little deviation either way).

    She's small, dad and I aren't big, so we got comfortable with the idea...
  6. Re: Medela SoftFit breastshields

    well do you have the 24mm that came with your pump (assuming they did)? I'd give those a try before going down to 21. I'm not very well endowed in the breast/nipple area and I'm a 24mm. you...
  7. Re: Medela SoftFit breastshields

    I had used the hard shields for a long time and scratched one while cleaning it. While waiting for a replacement (lovely LLL lady was sending me a spare 24mm) I used the soft shield off my manual...
  8. Re: Another poop quesiton (or lack thereof)

    ok, we're on day 15, no poop. Still seems to be a happy baby but now even I am starting to worry a little.

    We introduced prunes a couple days ago try to to help (6 months old tomorrow) but still...
  9. Another poop quesiton (or lack thereof)

    ok, DS is going to be 6 months old on Thursday, he's exclusively BF and he hasn't pooped in 2 weeks.

    Seems to be happy (though he's cutting a tooth which makes it hard to tell), belly is nice and...
  10. Re: Alright ladies, it's time to go back

    We're going ok. I miss him obviously, but I'm pumping enough and he's taking it.

    The next big hurdle is that I have to be in LA (live in FL) for a week in late march.

    Good news is that my...
  11. Re: Alright ladies, it's time to go back

    I'll fine out the amount when I get home, but he's not screaming and refusing the bottle, so it's way better!
  12. Re: Alright ladies, it's time to go back

    Ok yesterday he did eventually calm down and took food in the afternoon. I think he ultimately got 9 oz in the 10 hours I was gone, which isn't bad considering. Today he is doing much better though...
  13. Re: Alright ladies, it's time to go back

    Just got the update from home. Baby is screaming and won't take a bottle :,(. He's only had an ounce since I left at 8:15.
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    Re: Wiggly/Fidgety Baby

    My son who is the same age has started to do this too. Sometimes I think it's his way of saying "this is awesome, but I refuse to let it put me to sleep". He is relaxed for feeding before naps. For...
  15. Re: Alright ladies, it's time to go back

    Luckily I'll have an office, so once I get it stocked I should be ok with not forgetting things. Even though I pumped forever with DD it's amazing how out of touch I feel about it.

    I do feel...
  16. Alright ladies, it's time to go back

    Alright, I've been on maternity leave since oct 9th and now I've got to suck it and go back to the real world. Now the kicker is that I actually quit my job while on leave and will be starting a new...
  17. Re: How long do you pump for at setting?

    I always pumped for 30 min at a time and I was pretty dry afterward. While I think I pumped longer than I had to, I think that the extra time was a big part of why I was able to pump for 12 months...
  18. Re: How much to express/how often?!

    As long as you pace yourself and don't down the two drinks one after another within a short period of time, I don't think i'd bother with pump and dump.

    but maybe that's just me :duck
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    Re: Have you ever noticed

    I hate all the measuring. I know you're supposed to be able to pump into the medela storage bags, but I can't ever do it. I pump into bottles, then poor in the bags, and the measurements on the bag...
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    Re: New Mom - 3 Day Old!

    My first was a sleeper too. We eventually just ended up doing our best to wake her and leaving her on the breast for hours. We were panicing because she was so small and had GI issues and rented...
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    Re: Pumping/storing question

    Ah, here it is: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?88297-Flying-with-Milk&highlight=
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    Re: Pumping/storing question

    I'm on my phone right now and too unskilled to search, but I posted a new thread a couple years back with a lot of details on flying with breastmilk after a business trips. It's very long and...
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    Re: Update: Slow Weight Gain

    Glad things are going well mama! Keep up the good work!
  24. Re: 5 days in and feeling stressed

    Another update: we're adjusting slowly and it generally gets better every day. I swear DS lives in a growth spurt. Last Tuesday he weighed 10 lbs at his one month appt and today he was 10 lbs 14 oz....
  25. Re: I know I'm borrowing trouble, but...

    Thanks for all the feedback! 15 oz would be a lot for me to pump in a day, so we'll see how that goes. I always heard to target 1-1.5 oz per hour while you are away, which is why I am going to...
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