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  1. Re: Is there any way to minimize leaking

    Thanks! I'll have to talk to my manager about taking a quick 10 min to pump in my car at work, but I'm sure he won't mind. Yesterday was a full day with no pumping, so I'm off to a good start :)
  2. Re: Is there any way to minimize leaking

    I had started pumping at the lactation nurse's suggestion. I immediately had enough milk for multiples, so she said to pump after he fed, so he has been on breast in addition to my pumping (dad gives...
  3. Re: Is there any way to minimize leaking

    Okay that makes more sense. I'll give it a shot! :D I feel better just having a gameplan in mind.
  4. Re: Is there any way to minimize leaking

    Thanks for the article. I'm confused to why I'd only nurse him from one side to adjust my milk supply. They say to express/cold compress the other side...am I completely ignoring one breast...
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    Re: No more nipple shield!

    I was put on a nipple shield, but they never told me how to wean baby from it. How'd you get yours onto the real thing? When I try to nurse without the shield or take the shield away once my nipple...
  6. Is there any way to minimize leaking?

    Hey guys!

    I'm a new mama of a baby boy, who's 10 days old today. I'm fortunate enough to be producing WAY too much milk, about four times what he drinks! I'm okay with this while I'm taking a...
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