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    Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    My 16 mo DD VERY unpredictable. One day she'll eat great - the next she'd be happy skipping meals altogether... And, similar to your experience - one day she loves pears and the next day she'll...
  2. Re: Business trip & my almost gone stash

    Thanks for the suggestions... I'll probably ask DH to save the expressed milk for DD's normal before bed nursing session and maybe the 1st in the morning session - I'm pretty sure I have enough for...
  3. Business trip & my almost gone stash

    DD is 16 mo, so I'm not too concerned, but this will be the first time we'll be apart for longer than a work day...

    Here's my question - should I try to add to my stash before my trip (2 days...
  4. Re: Confused about nursing and whole milk

    I work full time, so my situation is a little different, but here's what we do (DD is 16 months). DD will sometimes have milk when I'm working (my sis keeps her during the workday). But, I don't...
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    Re: Really struggling...

    You are SOOOOOOOOOOOO not alone! I feel the same way most of the time. Parenting and working has been so much more exhausting and difficult than I ever imagined it would be. I knew I'd be tired,...
  6. Coughing spell / throwup - only at night after nursing?

    What's the deal with this? LO (14 mo) has had a slight cold for a couple of weeks now - with a cough. The cough comes and goes, but usually the worst the last couple of days has come in the middle...
  7. Re: Open Space Office, where will i pump??!

    We have a few "spare" real offices and conference rooms that I used. Worked great for me - provided there was a lock on the door...
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    Re: exhaused

    I understand! I just finished working a month of 12 hour night shifts with 1 day off per week. Which 12 hours do you work? Is it possible for you to immediately go to sleep and grab a couple hours...
  9. Re: First Time Daycare Baby and Illness

    My DD's been constantly sick this winter too - and she's in DC... We had to put tubes in a little over a month ago and we've even had one awful cold and ear infection after that!

    I agree with PPs...
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    Re: Weaning, working, pumping oh my.

    My DD is just now 13 months and we're working through the same thing... I'm down to just one pumping session at work - at lunch - and I think I'll be able to drop this one since I'm getting less...
  11. Re: Not sure if I should use frozen pumped BM

    What pump did you have? I'd consider mine completely transferrable with new bottles and valves since the milk doesn't go through the tubing...

    Just a thought...

    And, sometimes we share bm...
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    Re: Returning to work and milk supply

    I'll give you feedback for what worked for me-

    1) With your baby still little, introducing the bottle ~ 2 weeks before you return should be fine. I would think it's possible to wait a little...
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    Re: new job and pumping

    I've been upfront with my coworkers and boss about pumping and it's never been an issue - but I've also been an employee for a while, so my situation is different.

    But, I thought I'd suggest...
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    Re: Can I give up the pump?

    thanks for the responses! It seems I should be able to toss the pump aside without hurting our breastfeeding relationship! :clap The only question now is whether or not I need to send cows milk to...
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    Is this poop smell normal?

    1 yo DD's diaper last night was abnormally smelly. :shudder It wasn't completely awful, but worse than normal since the intro of solids - and it was just a little smellier - the consistency was...
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    Can I give up the pump?

    DD is now 1 yo! :cheer And, I've been pumping at work since I returned about 9 months ago... Now I'm sick of the pump. I'm down to only pumping at lunch and I've been sending less milk to daycare...
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    How to introduce Cow's milk?

    DD is 1 yr...

    I'm only wanting the day nursing since I'm willing to keep our 1st morning and bedtime sessions. But, with DD nursing only once during the night, I think she'll need a little more...
  18. switching to nightshift - do I have to pump?

    DD just turned one last week:flower I'm in the process of trying to stop pumping at work and have gotten myself down to just pumping at lunch. But, next week I have to switch to nights - 12 hour...
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    Re: For people who work in cubicles

    I too work in a cube - as an engineer - so I'm almost the only female in the building - Oh, wait - I am except for the secretary... :snicker

    I use an extra office to pump in (with a locked door) -...
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    1 yo milk options

    DD will be 1 year old next week :clap :clap:cheer

    Anyway, I'm trying to cut down on how much I have to pump at work and figure I'll introduce some other type of milk soon. I know the standard is...
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    Re: Should I go part-time?

    Gosh that's a tough one. I just posted on the parenting forum a similar question - should my DH quit his job... But I know overwhelmed is the way I feel 99% of the time - with only 1 child... :hug...
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    Re: Teeth Grinding HElP!!!!

    Funny stuff - DD just started this too! (her 1st top tooth is just now coming in)! :yikes that sound!!!

    I sure hope the phase passes quickly!:D
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    Re: Synthroid, safe for breastfeeding?

    I'm in the same boat... Hypothyroidism for about 8 years now and been taking synthroid since - including through pregnancy and breastfeeding... No problems at all...

    Good luck!
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    Advice for upcoming nightshift...

    DD is almost a year! :clap I've been back at work during normal day hours since she turned about 3 months. I'm in the process of trying to cut down on my daytime pumping and just bf at night and in...
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    Honey - when is it ok?

    I know I've heard not to give honey to babies, but about when is it ok to start? And, honey is in EVERYTHING - well, not really, but it is really a challenge to find good snacks that don't have...
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