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    Is this true?!

    I told my sister in law today that my almost 7 mo old dd does not want to eat solids. She said that people are finding the delay to 6 mo is too late to start solids and so many babies refuse to eat....
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    Re: Doesn't want to eat, at all!

    Thanks so much ladies, I've calmed down. I'm going to wait a few weeks and give my cherub another try. I do love to nurse exclusively too. Way easier than all that food prep stuff. I went to...
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    Doesn't want to eat, at all!

    My daughter is 6 mo and 3 weeks old and does not want to eat. I'm so shocked because my son loved eating right away. I've tried giving her cereal mixed with breast milk and she tried to suck it off...
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    Making strange slurping sound.

    I had a major oversupply and fast let down with first baby. Now I'm on number two and no oversupply ( I think "cause I started to block feed right away?), but the fast let down persists.

    About a...
  5. I feel like this is a silly question!

    I had a horrible oversupply with my son and feel like I should know this already. But here it is. My 2 mo. old baby girl seems to handle my letdowns like a champ most of the time. I block feed on...
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    Re: so sad to let it go...

    Reading these posts is making me cry..... I'm 25 weeks pregnant and my son is almost 14 mo and I still nurse for naps and sleep. I don't have a drop of milk in there and he doesn't care. I've been...
  7. Re: Sorry, don't know where to post this?

    I also fogot to mention that I put 1.5 ounces of ebm in his cereal. Wow, I had no idea that breastmilk had more calories than other foods! Now, I'll never stop expressing the milk for him. Although ,...
  8. Re: Sorry, don't know where to post this?

    Thanks for the replies! I did add more cereal to lunch and dinner. I'm also trying to offer him the breast a little more often as well. I wasn't very clear in my original post...., he is not really...
  9. Sorry, don't know where to post this?

    For the past week or so my 9.5 mo old son has been waking up to nurse 4-5 times!!! For the past couple of months he would only nurse once maybe twice at night. Should I be giving him more solids...
  10. Why is my 9.5 mo. old staying attached FOREVER!!!

    My son who has always been a very fast drinker is now luxuriating on my breast! His usually nurses in 4 min and now he is staying on for 20 min plus! Not every nursing mind you. He's doing it ( long...
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    Re: Baby led=disaster in high chair

    Well, I started by giving him grapes cut in fours and he kind of swiped them off the tray. On day three of that he managed to get a piece in his mouth and gagged. Scared me half to death. I started...
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    Baby led=disaster in high chair

    Did I get your attention? I'm not really doing baby led. The last week or so I've been handing the spoon to my 8.5 DS during meals. Well.....last night and this afternoon we had an all out war in the...
  13. Re: baby led solids - dealing with criticism?

    I'm really annoyed that I never heard of baby led 'till now. My son is almost 9 months old and I've been giving him cereal and purees.

    I feel that my son is healthy and happy ,so I'm not too...
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    What is baby led?

    What is baby led? Is it when you put the food in front of them and let them try? I've tried putting stuff on my 8.5 mo tray and he can't get it any where near his mouth. When I give him baby cereal...
  15. Re: How long do I keep putting breastmilk in cereal?

    I mean baby cereal. I thought I should still be giving it because of the iron. The reason I put breast milk in there is because I read somewhere that it's more nutritious than adding just water.I am...
  16. How long do I keep putting breastmilk in cereal?

    I usually put 1 ounce in my son's cereal when he nurses beforehand. When he's not interested in nursing I put closer to 2 ounces. My question is how long should I keep this up for? I've noticed my...
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    I gave my 8.5 wheat!

    I gave my son a wheat and rice cereal. He is fine , it's been two days since I gave it. Is it later (older) that the allergy shows or would it have shown up right away? I'm so worried he might have...
  18. Sometimes he just does not want to nurse before lunch!

    Hello. My 8 month old sometimes (today!) refuses to nurse before lunch. I'll try like 5-6 times then I just give up because it gets so late. I end up putting more EBM ( usually 1 ounce , so I up it...
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    Re: Night Feedings

    My little guy was like yours and woke twice a night. Now I never know what to expect. He is 5 months old and is also very distracted when he nurses. Apparently that is very prevalent around that age....
  20. Turning head from side to side while nursing!

    My DS will be 5 months old this weekend. He's EBF (YAY!), and I'm nursing him to sleep (not so yay).For two days now he's been turning his head side to side when I nurse him to sleep (naps and...
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    Re: Choking during breastfeeding

    Paint the moon has all the stuff you need! I had an oversupply problem as well. It was really tough. I had lactation specialist come to my house and went to several places seeking help. I was told...
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    Re: "gagging" after nursing

    My little guy did it almost right off the bat. Scared me half to death. I took him to get him checked and the doc said this was extremely normal. They do it to clear mucus- saliva from their throat....
  23. 4 month old can't stay awake for more than an hour!

    My little guy is always needing a nap! He only naps for 45 min at a time. He goes to bed like clockwork in the evening and usually wakes twice to nurse. I nurse him to sleep and I feel like I'm...
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    Re: Burp sleeping baby!

    So, sure enough it happened last night! I put him to bed at 8:30 and then he woke at 11:00 fussing. Then the fussing escalated to screaming. He was FULL of painful gas in his tummy. It took me an...
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    Burp sleeping baby!

    My son who used to hate my breast due to oversupply , can now only fall asleep nursing. Once the breastfeeding started going well....I looooved it but of course now I see the drawbacks.
    Here's the...
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