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    How to plan for weaning at 12 mos

    We started solids at 6 mos - a mix of purees and BLW-type solids. I am on a very restricted diet due to DS's allergic colitis. I want to BF until 12 mos as I would like to wean to milk, not...
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    Re: mentally dragging my feet

    I felt the same way. Perhaps the fact that DS doesn't seem to like anything yet makes me feel better :)
  3. Re: Suggestions for introducing the bottle

    We tried multiple bottles and nipples and got lucky with a MAM , the same brand as DS's paci (which was also difficult to introduce). We started with the low-flow nipple but he would get frustrated...
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    Re: Blood in baby's stool

    Great. Thank you!
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    Blood in baby's stool

    I have noticed blood in my 17 wo DS's stool 4-5 times in the past couple of weeks. It has been a small amount of red blood in his normal loose stool 3-4 times now and a larger amount one time (the...
  6. Re: Bottle refusal - tips or alternatives?

    Update: We had success yesterday with a MAM bottle, the same brand as his pacifier. He slurped down a little bottle like nobody's business. What a relief! Thanks for the advice!!
  7. Bottle refusal - tips or alternatives?

    My nearly 16 wk old DS has been EBF since birth but received expressed milk supplements during the first 2 wks of life using a syringe. He is a big boy (98th percentile across the board since birth)...
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