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    Re: No weight gain in 5 week old

    He nurses about 9-10 times a day. Every two hours pretty faithfully throughout the day and is able to go 3-4 hours at night.

    Also, he was pooping with every feeding until just a few days ago. ...
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    No weight gain in 5 week old

    Five weeks ago I had DS and he weighed 8/11. Upon leaving the hospital he was 8/4, at his newborn checkup he was 7/15 and three days later at his circumcision he was 7/13. Over the course of the...
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    I just wanted to get the opinion of other mommies. A few months ago I had to take some antibiotics and got thrush. I was on and off for about 12 weeks so the thrush never really cleared. It's been...
  4. Re: Should I wean before surgery and vacation?

    Thanks for the replies! It gave me some great food for thought. I generally wean at 12 months and she is 10 1/2 right now.

    DD isn't invited because my husband and I are celebrating our 9...
  5. Should I wean before surgery and vacation?

    This is sort of a strange story but just read on! Any and all advice is VERY appreciated!

    First of all, my husband and I have planned a trip for our anniversary at the end of next month. {Had I...
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