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  1. Re: Support and Advice on Pumping or Breastfeeding

    Thanks for the response. Yes, baby is now gaining weight well (he's 9 lb 2 oz at his 1 month checkup) and becoming cuter by the day :) I've read the making more milk book, along with mother food and...
  2. Re: Do I need to wake my 5 week old for feedings at night?

    I asked the same question to our pediatrician this week, and she recommended to wake him during the day every three hours to feed, but he can go longer between feedings at night.
  3. Support and Advice on Pumping or Breastfeeding


    Here's my story:
    My son was born on 4/12/13, and my husband and I had decided to exclusively breastfeed. This went pretty well at the hospital, with multiple visits from LCs to get the...
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