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  1. Re: Should I stop BFing at 9 months to be able to gain sanit

    Hi blueberrysmom,
    I'm new here so not as knowledgeable as other mums on the fine art of breastfeeding but I have had a little girl on the 8% and I used to worry thinking my milk wasn't good enough...
  2. Re: Not sure of health visitor advice - help!

    Thanks for your support :-D it's good to know I'm not alone! Where can I find the info on breastfeeding till one so I can go armed to the HV next time :-D also any tips on getting more sleep would be...
  3. Not sure of health visitor advice - help!

    Hi, my little Joe is almost 7 months old and has been exclusivly breastfed on demand. He still shows no intesrest in food, sucks the occasional piece of toast but mainly just plays with it and still...
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