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    Re: morning and night only?

    I am currently nursing 4 times a day, spaced evenly throught the day and very occasionally at night. Baby usually sleeps 12 hrs at night with no feeding.

    So I guess I will start by eliminating...
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    morning and night only?

    I am interseted in only nursing in the morning and evening now that my DS is 1 year old. I would love to stop pumping at work. We have tried some cows milk and he loves it.
    How long can we do just...
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    Re: Normal?

    It think it is normal. I pump more in the am sessions too. In my pm pumping session I use a compressions alot to get all the milk out.

    I agree with 'rubyjunes' not too worry about it too much....
  4. Re: anyone use the 21mm breastshieds?

    I do. I got them after a month or 2 with the standard ones and really like them. I dont know if it will help with the sideways thing or not. But they will pull less of the breast around the nipple...
  5. Pumping more milk using hands

    I just used the hand compression (described and shown !!!watch out there are boobs!!! in the video link below) and got much more milk than I have been. Even though the video specifically mentions how...
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    Re: Pumping speeds

    I pump at a rapid speed at first then after letdown I slow the pumping down. More like my baby's longer suck maybe once per second.

    I dont think I have ever had a second let down so cant help you...
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    Going Great

    Just wanted to add my positive story about pumping!

    I started back at work last week and was nervous about pumping. I had never pumped instead of feeding - just pumped for practice a few times and...
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