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    Re: Strange question about lifting weights

    I teach a weight lifting class 3X/week and have had zero problems. (plugged ducts, funny tasting milk, supply) Just watch that you aren't wearing something too constrictive. And do lots of upper...
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    Re: Bras bras bras

    Me! I leak like a sieve. I've fallen in love with nursing tanks though. I love, love, love the Gillian O'Malley ones from Target. I have a couple of nursing bras but I only really like one of...
  3. Re: 10 wks - How many times per day should he feed?

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I get a bit obsessive about making sure he's eating enough. I guess I shouldn't stress since he was in the 95% for weight at his last appointment, but every mom's got...
  4. 10 wks - How many times per day should he feed?

    My 10 week old is only feeding 7 times per day. He nurses 30min at each feeding and seems content. And the last feeding, one hour long, he nurses on both breasts. (I'm trying to stuff him full so...
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