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  1. Re: Goo in my milk after 5 days of pumping

    Agreeing with the PP. If you have a clogged duct, the milk will look similar to toothpaste when the duct opens up. If you have a sore spot, be sure to massage it out while pumping. The "goo" is...
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    Re: Skinny baby blues

    I feel for you, as I am sure many other BF'ing mommies can as well. This is my theory on the whole thing.

    Both of my LO's were/are small. Both are pretty close in weight. At 6 months they both...
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    Re: So how often do you nurse?

    Wow...to me that is alot of nursing. I have a 7 month old and a 31 month old. I think due to the changes of pregnancy, my 31 month old is now only nursing 1 time a day, before naptime. However, when...
  4. Re: Beginning solids...where's the poop I say?

    Thanks for all your input. I guess I just did not realize about Petroleum. Duh! I began using acidophilus and it seems to be working great!
  5. Beginning solids...where's the poop I say?

    Anyone try Mineral Oil? I just began solids a month ago....he has issues pooping now. My first never experienced this. No it is not "true" conspitation as the definition goes...not pellet rabbit poop...
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    Re: poop ?

    I found that the recommended first food of rice cereal was a no go (How you learn with the first babe..lol) Then my PED said go with banana...lol...that did not go well, I was like knock knock, poop,...
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    Re: Is this thrush?

    Typically thrush for you Mom would be shooting pain. Some mom's explain it as excrutiating nail biting pain, burning should continue for about 10 minutes after a feed..... Your nipples would be...
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    Re: sensitive breasts?

    I am more sensitive every day of the week. You might find your breasts are "lumpy"...normal. Soreness for me increases during hormone peak times....When I exercise I try to wear a tight sports bra to...
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    Re: Biting the breast

    My 5mo old has taken to biting at least once a day. I am narrowing it down to three reasons...

    1-He needed to burp
    2-He was telling me he was no longer hungry
    3-The milk flow began to slow and...
  10. Re: Please help, so many issues but I don't want to give up!

    Lets see if I can help you out any. Choking at the breast sounds to me like the letdown is too fast. When you feel your letdown you could remove the latch and hand express for a minute or three then...
  11. Re: My daughter is resting her teeth on my nipples...

    Thought I might post a link that could give you some ideas on how to manage with teeth. She probably is not biting in her eyes. It is probably rubbing..that just feels awful. My toddler will do this...
  12. Re: Just can't figure this out!!! HELP!!

    It does seem to be certain times of the day. I must say I am guilty of trying to keep my two children on the same schedule thus allowing me some sanity time during their afternoon naps to either...
  13. Just can't figure this out!!! HELP!!

    Well, I am nursing my 10wk old...and I guess it is true what they say that every baby has a different nursing behavior. My toddler never did this, I am stumped.

    For the last three days this has...
  14. Re: BF Exclusively, Period Returned at 4 Months

    A rule of thumb that I learned in my LLL meetings is when you begin to go longer than a stretch of 6 hrs without a feed, AF is likely to rear it's ugly head much sooner. This is prob why you got...
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    Re: Every 3 OR 4 hours?

    It is hard in the early months to determine when LO is hungry or just plain ol' fussy. I would first not pay too much attention to what the PED says...as they are not always well "trained" in...
  16. Re: Easy way to keep hands out of way

    My LO sometimes pushes away with his hands and I do not feel that he realizes what he is doing. Swaddling works for us. Depending on the position you use..If I use the cross cradle I can place his...
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    Re: sea foam green poop

    Sea foam poop is due to a foremilk hindmilk imbalance. To be sure that your LO is getting enough hindmilk, try nursing the same side for two sessions, then switch to the other and see if that helps. ...
  18. Re: Can offering pinky cause nipple confusion?

    I can answer your question.....pinkey sucking WILL NOT cause nipple confusion. I read this straight from the Dr. Sears "The Breastfeeding Book" It makes total sense after reading the...
  19. Re: Calm/Sleepy during the day .... fussy at night

    Just another note on the finger sucking. My "The Breastfeeding Book" by the fabulous Dr. Sears recommends finger sucking for additional comfort after your LO is full.... much more than a pacifier...
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    Re: Pain at Latch

    My letdown is a sharp feeling. For me it is very bearable.....but my sister could barely take it. It was much more painful for her..she said like sharp needle like pain!?! Sounds like a...
  21. Re: Poll: How long have you gone with no AF?

    I guess there are truly upsides and downsides to every situation. Aiden slept through the night early on which was such a nice break for this Mom...in the second month! But as a result I went beyond...
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    Re: white nipples?

    YAY!! So glad I helped. Sometimes I get lazy and find myself doing just what you said, putting my breast to baby rather than using the "smoosh" method. Makes a big difference when you have a LO who...
  23. Re: could child rubbing eyes be a food allergy?

    I would venture to say that if the foods have been consumed for 6 weeks now and the runny nose has been for 3, they are not related. You should notice the affects of a food quickly.

    My oldest had...
  24. Re: could child rubbing eyes be a food allergy?

    According to my Dr. Sears baby book...any symptom that could signal a cold could signal any type of allergy as well. So..yep, could definately be a food allergy.

    Another thing that makes my eyes...
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    Re: Desperately Seeking SLEEP

    When I am my groggiest (SP) between 4am and 8am, I bring Owen to bed with me and lie down to nurse. Truly at this point there is nothing you can do to stretch feedings. The first three months of LO's...
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