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    Re: Abnormally Watery Breastmilk

    Thanks everybody! I don't know why the foremilk/hindmilk didn't occur to me. If he gets distracted from nursing and just sort of "snacks" then he's got the green frothy poops. So, it would make sense...
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    Abnormally Watery Breastmilk

    Hi All!

    I pumped yesterday morning for about 15 minutes to get 3 ounces from my left breast. DS ate on the right one and wasn't interested in the left, so, I pumped and put it in the fridge...
  3. Re: nursing 5pm - 3am...every day... Help!


    Ok, FIRST, thanks everybody!! After this board, a call to my LC, and to my mom (a LLL Leader in the 70's and 80's), I've kind of got the whole thing figured out.

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    Re: Throwing a fit at my breast

    Ooooh, I completely feel your pain. My DS started doing the same thing about the same time...and he continued it for weeks (he's now 10 weeks). About a week and a half ago my mom (a LLL leader in the...
  5. Re: Ready to Give Up, plus a few questions

    To the OP, thank you for writing what was going on with you. I, too, don't really enjoy BFing (altho, my DS is a few weeks older than your LO, and he recently started smiling up at me just before he...
  6. nursing 5pm - 3am...every day... Help!

    Hi All!

    My 10 week old DS is an eater for sure. He pretty much came out wanting to eat and hasn't stopped wanting to eat since. This is great...except for the evenings.

    From about 5pm - 3am...
  7. Re: 6 weeks and going round the bend...

    The environment doesn't seem to bother him. :/

    It does tend to happen much later in the day (11pm - 5am). Although, it does happen in the early afternoon sometimes.
  8. 6 weeks and going round the bend...

    Hi All...

    So, my DS has been hungry and latching on great since, oh, 15 minutes into his life. I'm very, very thankful for that, as he had other health issues (as did I) immediately.

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