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    Re: baby losing a lot of weight :(

    I agree not to beat yourself up.
    You did do something that is very important, YOU FOLLOWED YOUR INSTINCTS and pursued multiple second opinions until you got the help your baby needed. MOM...
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    Re: baby losing a lot of weight :(

    And seeing as the improvement was noticeable and immediate, the damage for the delay is to you more than to baby, baby will recover now with your diligence.

    Good job for being persistent.
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    Re: baby losing a lot of weight :(

    YAY and good that your case was one of the ones where an immediate difference was obvious.

    It is such a shame that so few pediatricians seem to know anything about breastfeeding. It is really...
  4. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Please keep us posted on your progress. I had a very rough start with nursing and am still currently taking 70 mg of Domperidone per day. I had dropped down to 60 mg per day but definitely felt...
  5. Re: Green mucus poop possible causes/remedy?

    The bottles while you are at work, is it usually the pumped milk from the day before? Or is it from the frozen stash?

    What happens if you break it up into smaller bottles, like 4-5, 3 oz bottles...
  6. Temas: Lip Tie

    by @llli*tclynx

    Re: Lip Tie

    If it isn't causing you pain, then it might not have to be cut. However, a tight lip tie isn't likely to "solve itself" but the are not always a problem.
    It all depends on how tight it is. If it...
  7. Re: HELP!!! DS unlatches and has to switch breast several ti

    To help boost supply you might do well to let him switch sides several times during nursing sessions and perhaps try to nurse more often if you can.
  8. Re: 3 month old not gained any weight for 10 days

    I recommend this book too!!! And his other book Kiss Me

    If you really feel there is something very off with baby's weight gain, follow your instincts and visit the doctor for some reassurance...
  9. Re: Green mucus poop possible causes/remedy?

    How often are you nursing in a 24 hour period when you are not working?
    How often are you nursing when you are working?
    How much do you pump while working?
    11 oz in two bottles during a 14 hour...
  10. Re: 28 month old won't chew food and only drinks from the br

    By the way, the book isn't about how to make a child eat but more about what we thing of how much and what they eat.
    Very good book

    I've noticed that my LO will sometimes really not eat much but...
  11. Re: Drop in Supply From Skipped Pump Session?

    You can usually bring supply back up by doing some extra pumping/expressing and/or nursing for several days.
  12. Re: 13 month old nurses a million times a day

    I'm still probably nursing my almost 9 month old perhaps 15 times per day usually. We had such a hard time of it early on that I'm happy to keep up a large amount of nursing and hope we don't...
  13. Re: Milk fat stuck to bottle during transfer

    you don't need to heat the milk really, just slightly warm the bottle so the milkfat will swirl off so you can then pour it into the other bottles.
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    Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    DS will be 9 months old the end of this week. Doing well, top two teeth have come in so now he has 4. He keeps clicking, grinding his front teeth together, really a bit disconcerting.
    It is a bit...
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    Re: baby losing a lot of weight :(

    Hang in there!!!! This is not an easy quick thing. Now that baby is gaining with the supplements you need to get help from a lactation consultant (if the ones you have been working with are not...
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    Re: Where's the poop?!

    As long as wets are plentiful and weight gain in order, less frequent pooping simply means baby has developed a more efficient digestion.
    If weight gain or less frequent wets is a concern then I...
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    Re: How to Start using Frozen Milk

    Since you have such a huge stash, you should probably test to make sure there are no lipase issues with baby accepting the older frozen milk so it is probably time to give a few practice and test...
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    Re: Supplementing with homemade formula

    So how long are you gone from baby that he is taking 12 ounces? 12 ounces in a 6 hour shift sounds like baby may be getting overfed a little bit by bottle. You might do well to simply make the...
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    Re: Supplementing with homemade formula

    If you have a safe source of good local farm products, have you considered making yogurt from the raw milk (generally in yogurt making you would be warming or pasteurizing the milk yourself anyway as...
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    Re: Supplementing with homemade formula

    How is your 11 month old doing with solids?
    Many moms will send solids to daycare so they can nurse more when together to help supply.
    Also, have you lately checked pump function and replaced pump...
  21. Re: Trouble getting volume up, please help!

    I will also recommend the use of a Supplemental Nursing System or Lactaid for when you may need to supplement or if you find you have to supplement long term. Breastfeeding is about so much more...
  22. Re: Oversupply or overactive letdown? Feeling defeated.

    Another thing to add to your bag of tricks is,
    Feed even more frequently,
    This can help with OALD since it gives your breasts less time to get over full and therefore may help a little bit with...
  23. Re: 17 week old on the verge of 'failure to thrive'

    WOW, happy B-Day!!!!
    I hadn't seen your story but you have definitely paid it forward by helping me!

    I too had a rough start and things didn't really get Good for us till DS was almost 6 months...
  24. Re: The need to chat with other moms : understanding your ba

    feeding in carriers definitely takes some trial and error since every mom/baby pair is different. What works for a busty mom is going to be different than what will work for those of us on the small...
  25. Re: 9mos, pumping not as effective (sometimes barely works)

    pump parts can wear out over time and not fit as tight or a hose might have a tiny hole or crack which could cause a major decrease in pump effectiveness.
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