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    Re: Sensitive Nipples

    OMG! I could have written your post with my first two!! In fact I thing I did write several that were similar. DS was TT and lip tied DD had a slight TT and an lip tie both were corrected but the...
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    Re: funny question?

    My almost 3 month old talks to his food! Meaning he coos at my breast while still latched.
  3. Re: Forceful letdown without oversupply?

    I'm that way. My supply is perfect but it comes out really fast! I've had the most success with my babies nursing in a reclined position but anyway that gets baby above the breast helps! Time and...
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    Reflux- how did you manage it?

    My little man is 6 weeks old and has some symptoms of reflux. I'm trying to decide if we should try some meds for him or just wait it out. He's not a huge spitter but it does seem to bother him and I...
  5. Re: Very uncertain about breastfeeding success (pretty long)

    I just skimmed the other answers but your poo question caught my eye (I have a 6 week old and had forgotten this info ;))and I didn't notice it answered. At this point you really want to be looking...
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    Re: Breastfeeding after Frenectomy

    Been there Momma! You're right she's still learning. It took about 6 weeks after my oldest had his TT clipped to get significant improvement. He didn't so much chew as he thrust his tongue which...
  7. Re: 4 month old wants to nurse all night long

    Hi Momma
    Your situation sounds pretty normal to me. At 4 months my guess is he's starting to teeth or getting close to a developmental milestone. That's usually what shakes things up sleep wise in...
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    Re: Smacking while eating

    Thanks ladies it's more annoying than anything when he's doing it but I'm sore between feedings. I think I'll make an appointment to be seen for the tie, it's probably better to have it fixed anyway....
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    Smacking while eating

    Hi all it's been awhile!

    Baby #3 joined our family two weeks ago and breast feeding has gone beautifully until now. DS2 is losing suction and smacking while eating and I'm not sure what if...
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    Re: I think we are almost done

    Thanks ladies! I think I will keep offering, it's just hard getting rejected. DH always makes a point about how she's over a year so she's done :eyeroll.

    Amysmom- I wish teeth would bring her...
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    I think we are almost done

    :( DD is 15 months and just not interested anymore. I had been trying to hold on go our 3 feedings a day but she's made it clear she would rather sit with big brother and have a cup before bed than...
  12. Can't believe I have another toddler....and she's figured ou

    How to sign for milk. Last night she woke up not long after I put her to bed so I decided to just try to rock her back to sleep. She was fine with it for a few minutes and then I felt a little hand...
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    Re: Self weaning possible for 1 y/o?

    I know how you feel! DD turned 1 a couple weeks ago and the last couple of months have been like you described for us too. I keep reminding myself I need to relax and follow her lead and that means...
  14. Re: Breastfeeding uncomfortable before period

    I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one that experiences this! Though I'm sorry you all do too!! I get horrible nipple pain around ovulation and then that very irritated sensation around the start of...
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    Re: How much solid food is too much?

    Your LO sounds a lot like my DS in the growth department :) I've always operated under the assumption that as long as solids are not interfering with nursing it's not to much. I try to nurse before...
  16. Re: How to grocery shop with TODDLER?!? *** For NEW BEGINNI

    Engage them in what you are doing. I always carry on a conversation with mine, he helps me look for things or I give him a couple of things he's supposed to remember for me. I also always go prepared...
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    Re: Tell me this is just a phase!

    Thanks ladies! Her nose is better so she's not flat out refusing to nurse now but she's not nursing for very long!! Ug I really wish this was easier.
  18. Re: Breast feeding only and started my menstrual cycle alrea

    :ita with what mommal said. I had my period back at 13 weeks pp with DS and went on to EBF him for a year. DD was 8 weeks when Aunt Flo returned and she's still nursing at almost a year! Just make...
  19. Re: Solid help...afraid she will wean early and FTM

    I :ita with pp. 10oz is WAY to much for 4 hours! The AAP actually doesn't reccomend starting any solids until 6 months so... Don't worry about not following your dr.s reccomendation. If I were you I...
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    Re: return of menstruation

    13 weeks after DS and 8 weeks pp from DD :(
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    Tell me this is just a phase!

    DD just turned 11 months and all of a sudden dropped half her feedings. She's had a bad cold making it hard to breathe and eat and I'm sure she's getting more teeth so that may be contributing. I...
  22. Re: tongue tie release baby only sucking on nipple please he

    There are some links somewhere for the breast sandwich and the flippel ( I think) technique. Both of mine had TT and both took several weeks to a couple of months to really improve their latch. DS...
  23. Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    DS quit nursing at 13 months, but still needed a bottle once a night until he was probably 16 months at 2.5 he just reciently started STTN though.
  24. Re: 4 1/2 month old not gaining weight. Ped concerned!!

    It's perfectly safe as long as your taking the proper precautions! And it's a win-win situation, you get your rest and your DS gets more milk! I'm glad things are looking up, keep at it I know you...
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    Re: making siblings vs. BFing longer

    Mine are 20 months apart and they adore eachother. While going from 1 to 2 was challenging adding a second was much easier for me than my first! That being said I'm trying to wait a tad longer to add...
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