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  1. Re: 3 year old sickness + increased nurs

    Have you tried talking to her about the situation? I currently nurse a 3 yo and I was recently amazed when I talked to her (in advance) about something regarding her nursing behavior and that was...
  2. Re: ok ladies...you saved me once...i ne

    What about just nursing on the one side and pumping enough off the other to avoid pain? You might not be able to do it at all feedings, but the more you just nurse on the one side, the more your...
  3. Re: Nursing strike or weaning @ 4 months

    A sudden stop in nursing is almost always a strike, and for a baby that young, it almost certainly is. It would probably be a worthwhile doctor's trip to check for something physically wrong. In...
  4. Re: oral contraceptive while nursing 2 y

    As a pp mentioned, a supply decrease often happens with pregancy. Some moms who have been pregnant with a 2 yo nursling have found that the nursing is really about more than milk and their lo don't...
  5. Re: Nursing strike leading to weaning HE

    DS was a chronic striker. When he was 17 mo he went on strike for 10 days b/c of his teeth (went from 10-12 times/day to 1-2). I let my supply drop, and he came back and so did my milk. Nursed for...
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    Re: I need to wean my 2 yr old now!!

    You might check out the book, Raising Your Spirited Child. My first was increadibly intense for his first 4 years, and many of the things you talk about were him. He has a very persistent...
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    Re: had to wean at 18 months...

    Hand expressing is sometimes a good way to remove enough to be comfortable without signalling your body to make more.
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    Re: Anyone else nursing a gymnast?

    It's okay to set limits, too. You can nurse if you are still. If not, you have to get down. For a lot of lo's, getting set on the floor a few times does the trick. Or you can unlatch, ask if they...
  9. Re: diarreoha or breast milk nappies?

    And the smell...
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    Re: Nipple pain...at 14 months?

    I get frequent plugged ducts in the second+ years of bfing. The best way for me to get rid of them is massage and hand expression at the end of a hot shower. I can often see "gloppy" milk/fat...
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    Re: Low supply and flu?

    Once you recover, it should bounce right back in a couple of days. You might try offering liquids in a novel form to your lo b/c you seem concerned about DS's intake. In a straw, frozen, slushy,...
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    Re: Biting/Self Weaning???

    My first thought is teeth. They hurt and they make some lo's bite. DS was a persistent biter, but I was a persistent momma and we made it through. And yes, he did the same thing about just...
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    Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    As a toddler, DS would not nurse in public and often only a couple of times in a whole weekend if we were out of town, but at home he nursed frequently. He didn't wean until he was a preschooler. ...
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    Re: What's wrong with the right?!

    My guess is ear, too. Her behavior and the timing (after a cold) fits for her ear bothering her.
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    Re: Weaning my 18 month old

    I can't get to my Medications and Mother's Milk right at the moment, but I wonder how uncompatable the medication is with bfing. Have you called http://www.infantrisk.com/ to talk to them about the...
  16. Re: Sick baby (1st time!), doesn't want to nurse

    Glad it helped. DS went on strike for 10 days when he was 17 mo (from 10-12 times a day down to 2) and my supply bounced back when it was all said and done. It is nerve wracking, though.
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    Re: Embarrassed to say this...

    I was kind of surprised when I read How Weaning Happens that what they talked about as child-led had some mommy influence involved. (Good, quick, easy ready, BTW.) I think paying attention to your...
  18. Re: Sick baby (1st time!), doesn't want to nurse

    I think hand expression would be mostly for your comfort with her not nursing much. And, you don't have to worry so much about your supply. With a well established supply like you have with a one...
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    Re: I feel so done...and he's not.

    I have so been there. I was pregnant and ready for DS to wean at 2, and he didn't (finally) wean until 3 1/2. It is hard to find the balance to meet a nurslings needs and your needs when you aren't...
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    Re: Alternatives to Cow's Milk??

    As long as there aren't drastic drops in growth, it could just be that lo's often slow down in their growth as they get older. You might try offering solids a couple more times a day and see what...
  21. Re: Transitions and Weaning???? Long, Sorry!

    Hugs to you! 18 months is often a difficult age with one, let alone 2 with your husband not very available. Developmentally they are going through a ton of changes, very busy during the day, and...
  22. Re: Plugged ducts/Pump Weaning/DD taking in less milk?

    A bad plugged duct can definitely cause those symptoms. Rest and keeping the breast as drained as possible can really turn things around. I wonder about a couple of things. Are you maybe overdoing...
  23. Re: what on earth is this white spot on my nipple?

    I've also read about putting a cotton ball soaked in olive oil in your bra to loosen the skin up. I ended up with mastitis with my first bleb, so it's good to be aware and pay attention to things.
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    Re: ready to stop!

    I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is that you may be able to find a middle ground where you are both happy for a while. You can start with eliminating the sessions you like the least or she...
  25. Re: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    I like Mothering Your Nursing Toddler, too. It talks about what needs get met by nursing at each different age and has lots of mother stories, too.
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