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  1. Re: new here....need ideas please help....

    I understand what you are going through. My DD had problems gaining weight, and it turned out that she was not transferring milk due to a tongue issue (it looked like a submucosal tongue tie, but...
  2. Re: Something I am passing in my BM is giving my twins belly aches, but WHAT? HELP!!!

    We have been dairy free for 6 months now. Kellymom.com has some great information about eliminating dairy, and cutting out hidden sources of dairy. There is a list of ingredients you need to watch...
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    Re: Falling asleep before finished

    I think a lot of young babies are like this - mine sure was. One thing that the nurses in the hospital taught us was to REALLY pump her arm up and down to try to keep her awake. Sometimes it helped,...
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    Re: Baby miserable - scratching face

    You said you were "almost vegan," so you hardly ever have dairy, but have you had something with milk products in the last week?

    I would recommend keeping a food diary to see if you can...
  5. Re: tight jaw/narrow latch...craniosacral therapy?

    Our pediatrician was not a fan of craniosacral therapy, and our first lactation consultant never even mentioned it, but it worked wonders for us!! My daughter couldn't transfer milk because her...
  6. Re: World Health Organization recommendations for complementary foods...

    At the last LLL meeting I was at, one of the leaders suggested that the studies have shown that the iron stores and iron absorption of BF babies drop at 6 mos of age, but maybe no one has considered...
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    Re: I'm Sold on BLS!

    Actually I read 12!! :)

    Where do I find more info on BLS?
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    Re: Soy milk for 10 month old?

    Why are you staying away from regular dairy-based formula? Is there an allergy issue? A lactation consultant recently told me something about research now saying that soy is really bad for infants -...
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    Re: Would you use this milk?

    If your worried about it, you could always try to space it out, or mix it with recently pumped milk.
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    Re: I'm sad, need advice

    Where he is on the growth chart doesn't matter as much as if he is following his own growth curve. It would be worrisome if he drops from 90% to 15% in one month, but if he is consistently at 15%,...
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    Re: Not wanting to nurse much lately....

    From what I've heard at LLL meetings that behavior sounds pretty typical. I remember someone saying that babies really don't ever wean themselves until after a year old. Teething sounds like a good...
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    Re: Have I Tried Everything?

    I'm so sorry for your frustration! :hug You are such a great mom to make the commitment to exclusively pump! I know how hard it is - and I only had to do it for a couple of weeks in the beginning. I...
  13. Re: Should I switch breasts and how long is too long?

    Congrats on your newborn!! :clap Enjoy every minute! Generally it's recommended to let the baby finish one breast before switching to the other, so that he gets enough of the fatty hindmilk. He may...
  14. Re: Baby totally refusing the breast. I need HELP

    I don't really have much advice for you, but I just wanted to send some encouragement and good vibes your way!:gvibes I know how difficult it is pumping full time when you want to be nursing, and how...
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    Re: a few breast feeding question

    I agree there's probably nothing to worry about. He will feed as long as he needs to, and for some babies, that may be very short. As long as he is having enough wets/poops (maybe 6-8 wet...
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    Re: Clicking = Nipple confusion??

    I'm actually a graduate student studying to be a speech pathologists, and we work with oral motor and feeding issues as well. I'm trying to remember what I have learned so far, but you may benefit...
  17. Re: New Poster- Multiple issues- not sure where to best post this . . .

    Hi! I'm sorry you're having such a hard time! We had to be exclusively pumping for a couple of weeks in the beginning because my little one couldn't transfer milk from the breast, and I know how...
  18. Re: Latching on, Not drinking, Losing Weight

    Hi again,

    I don't know if your little one has the same problem as mine does (inefficient sucking), but I have seen an IBCLC who is an expert in suck dysfunction, and she actually performed...
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    Re: Help for Suckling Issues/Sore Nipples

    I don't know about finding an answer, but my little one is also having this problem. The LC said she isn't extending her tongue past her lower gumline. This has caused her not to be able to transfer...
  20. Re: Correcting insufficient sucking, building up supply

    Encouraging pedi appointment!! We're still having sucking issues (DD only took 10 mL of milk from me on Wed when we measured), but I really love our pediatrician. He spent over 30 minutes in our exam...
  21. Re: Latching on, Not drinking, Losing Weight

    I know what you're going through with supplementing and pumping. My DD lost weight also, and it turned out she was latching well but not sucking correctly. Even with taking a nursing vacation and...
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    Re: Newbie Questions

    The lactation consultant at my local hospital said that the only double electric pumps worth spending money on for extensive pumping are the Medela PIS and the Ameda Purely Yours. I don't have an...
  23. Re: Correcting insufficient sucking, building up supply

    Thanks for your input and experiences. Has your little one been getting enough from you, or do you have to supplement? I'll have to try stroking her tongue down to see if that helps with her sucking....
  24. Re: Quiero ayudar a alguien a amamantar


    No se si puedo ayudar, pero creo que la situacion con mi bebe es muy similar. Mi bebe ya tiene 4 semanas, y ella estaba asi, comiendo a cada rato. Siempre al estar despierta, estaba pegada a...
  25. Re: Correcting insufficient sucking, building up supply

    She is now 4 weeks old and she was born full term. I didn't have an epidural and she was very alert when she was born. She hasn't been a sleepy nurser, except when she nurses herself to sleep. She...
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