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    Re: weaning from SNS

    I have with both my boys. (I have a love/hate relationship with my SNS system...LOL) So it is possible. Can you try going to a smaller size tube for a few feedings and eventually getting the smaller...
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    Re: Should i wake him up?

    I agree with Home Exec. I set my alarm to wake up every 3 hours when we came home. Sometimes he refused to wake up, but then I would set it for an hour and try again. He is only 3 weeks old now...
  3. Re: I nursed him but it didn't go over well..

    Does the hospital provide a LC? If you are nervous about the bottle, ask about using the SNS (suplimental nursing system)...your baby might get milk a bit faster, while still at the breast. Plus it...
  4. Re: Premie in NICU, pumping with little success, HELP!!!!!

    Keep it up. It seems really frustrating, but the stress can effect your milk supply too. So many people told me not to get upset when we were still in the NICU. I kept asking them how I was supposed...
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    Re: NICU won't allow me to BF.

    I would talk to the doctor. The nurses at my NICU would offer varying options that contradicted one another. I learned really quick to go straight to the doctor. My baby was born 33.5 weeks and was...
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    Re: Nursing with a feeding tube

    I found it easy to nurse my son with the tube, but his tube was down his nose. after they pulled the tube I supplimented with my breastmilk in the SNS system only b/c he was so tired, I wanted to...
  7. Re: Interesting Article FDA: Codeine risk for some nursing moms

    Okay, so I sent this article to a friend of mine who has double mastitis and was put on vicodein, just because I thought she might find it interesting and might want to be aware of the new findings....
  8. Re: Interesting Article FDA: Codeine risk for some nursing moms

    I just read this too. I think its a good thing to be informed about.
  9. Re: New Mums With Breastfeeding 2yr Old Toddlers

    *hugs* I'm still nursing my 2.5 year old. He doesn't nurse that often and we have limits since I'm 30 weeks pregnant and just exhausted, but I wanted to let you know that I support you. I don't know...
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    Re: How do you do it?????

    I went back to work part time after my 1st son was born and I had a really hard time with it. I stuck with it for a little over a month then quit and stayed home. He is 2.5 years old now, but I had...
  11. Re: HELP: 24 weeks pregnant and need to find a job...

    Thank you everyone. It is good advice. The only problem is that I can't take public transit b/c part of my new job includes using my transportation to drive my client around. He can't be in the sun...
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    Re: Sad and Need to Vent!

    what has happened since you posted? I feel your pain. I have decided that I need to find a job to help support my family as well. I don't want to, but I don't feel like its a choice at this point....
  13. HELP: 24 weeks pregnant and need to find a job...

    The short version of the story is this: My husband suffers from clinical depression. Most of the time he is okay, but then when he has his episodes, he either quites/loses/just stops going to work....
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    Re: I am so sad!

    I have had people close to me make commets as well. Not as pointed as that, but I can imagine how hurt you must have felt. Its good that we have LLL as a support to us. I'm proud of you for nursing...
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