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    Re: how many times/day are you nursing?

    Mirkka - I agree.

    I really enjoy nursing, so I don't pay much attention. I just went to my son's 6mo. check-up and our doc. office has a new computer system where they ask you a series of...
  2. Re: Suppy Issue? Cow Protein Allergy? or

    Hello. I, too, am lactose intolerant. I went dairy-free for a few years, but recently started eating foods with small amounts of dairy because they are delicious, no?! I wasn't eating huge...
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    Re: constant feeding

    Kais.mom - I can relate! My son fed A LOT during his first weeks of life. That is all I did was nurse him. I read where this is your baby getting your milk supply ready for the months to come, so you...
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    Re: Night time nursing

    I also woke my son up to nurse at night (around every 3 hours too). He only ate on one side in the beginning, when he was just weeks old. Sometimes after burping him he would start rooting again and...
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    Re: One boob makes more milk

    Each breast is different and unique!

    Nursing while lying down helps me with this issue.
  6. Re: Not sleeping through the night anymore - OK to give rice cereal?

    Rice cereal does not make a baby sleep longer. This is false.

    I am glad you brought this subject matter up. Putting rice cereal in a bottle to "get your baby to sleep longer" is a practice in...
  7. Re: Husband won't support my desire to wean

    The right start for your baby is also that his mom and dad's relationship is strong. Have you talked about this in someplace neutral? See if you can go out for dinner so both of you can give this...
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    Re: Am I overly worried?

    Stress can affect nursing in many ways. That said, it can be difficult not to stress out! The more you have faith in yourself and your body and your baby, the better nursing will go for you.

  9. Re: Extremely Sleepy 2 Day Old-Stressing Out

    Do you have calming techniques that can help you during this time? Maybe try deep breathing and think positive thoughts about your ability to nurse your child. You can do it!

    The first weeks can...
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    Re: About to give up

    I admire your determination. You must have worked so hard in the past weeks to keep breastfeeding. You are an inspiration to many mothers.

    Are you frightened of your baby crying when you...
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    Re: Traveling

    Using a baby carrier has helped me with airport travel - keeps baby near you and can help them sleep on the plane. I personally never used a stroller because I found them to be difficult to maneuver...
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    Re: 3 weeks old and not sleeping alone

    Do you feel like you need a few moments to yourself?

    Also, have you read the "Womanly Art of Breastfeeding?" There is great information in there about the benefits of co-sleeping.

    My son is 8...
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