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  1. Re: How to explain weaning to a 3.5 year old?

    I'm in a similar situation with attempting to wean my 3 yr old DS. (Like you, I have mixed feelings). I've told him my nu-nu's (what we call breasts) are tired and need to rest. He seems to have...
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    Re: Help with last steps in weaning

    Mommal, I appreciate your concern, truly. But I think I was actually selling my husband a bit short. Josh and I nursed again last night, with DH's blessing. We'd gotten home late from dinner, Josh...
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    Re: Help with last steps in weaning

    Thanks, DJ's mom. I'll hope Josh does the same :) that would be nice.
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    Re: Help with last steps in weaning

    Thank you, all, for your input. You each had something valuable to say to me and I appreciate it. Maddieb, I think you were right that making a big deal over the end of nursing was just upsetting him...
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    Help with last steps in weaning

    Hi, my son is now 3 years and almost 3 months, and I need help with how to take the final steps in weaning him. We nursed on demand until around age 2, then gradually dropped sessions. For the past...
  6. Re: 2.5 year old wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME?

    Bfwmom, yes, I am confused/conflicted. On the one hand, I don't want to do anything to cause DS to wean. I'd feel guilty about precipitating it. On the other hand, I do hope he'll wean on his own...
  7. 2.5 year old wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME?

    Hi, many of you "know" me as I've posted here multiple times before. My DS is almost 2.5 and for the past several weeks, has really been ramping up his requests for nu-nu (what we call nursing). This...
  8. Re: 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

    Thanks, bfwmom and sonogirl.

    Bfwmom, I like the idea of a "nursing vacation". I will be leaving my current job and starting a new, part-time job very soon (yay!!) so that will make it easier to...
  9. Re: 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

    Thanks, bfwmom and mommal. What you guys are saying makes sense. I'll go ahead and bring the pump and if DH or my dad notice/comment, I'll sell it as a health and comfort issue.

    On a side note am...
  10. Re: 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

    Thanks, everyone.

    Garsmum--I am able to hand express and that would be sufficient for comfort, I think, but I'm not sure what it would do to my supply. I definitely don't think I get out as much...
  11. Re: The most beautiful comment on nursing

    That's wonderful! Glad you got such a positive response :) I think there are more extended-nursers out there than I realized--I just learned another kid in my son's preschool class is still nursing,...
  12. Re: 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

    Thanks, alphawoman :) I appreciate the reassurance. DH has been better lately--I don't think his opinion has basically changed but maybe he's decided it's not worth the fight. He shocked me...
  13. 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

    Hi, I'm still nursing my nearly-two-and-a-half year old son. We nurse maybe 3ish to 4ish times a day on average (more on the weekends usually). I don't think my milk supply is that great anymore but...
  14. Re: 20 Month Old Still Requiring Milk to get back to sleep

    Yes, she will eventually stop waking up at night to nurse to sleep. When that will happen is anybody's guess. My son finally started sleeping through the night when he was around 26 months old. Even...
  15. Re: Self weaning or just temporary loss of interest?

    Agree with Meg--I would try brushing teeth BEFORE nursing. That way he can nurse to sleep if he wants to. I know a lot of dentists recommend brushing teeth after nursing but it's not truly necessary,...
  16. Re: menopause or normal? PLease any BTDT? or advice?

    Agree with everyone else. It is quite normal to not be having periods at 14 months PP if you are still nursing 3-5X/day--even more so if that nursing is mostly occuring at night, since night nursing...
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    Re: Self-weaning at 18.5 months?

    I think some children do wean naturally around that age. My guess is if you've been down to 2 feeds per day for awhile now, your milk supply is probably pretty low, so if he's mostly one to nurse for...
  18. Re: Son just turned 1 last week - I have questions! Help :)

    Hi, and welcome! Congrats on making it to the one-year mark--that's a big accomplishment! You'll find many mamas on this forum who are still nursing 2, 3, or 4 year olds. There are also plenty of...
  19. Re: 22 month old obsessed with nursing dad

    My 27 month old DS has done the same thing, starting around 18 months old and intermittently ever since. He'll ask for "Dada nu-nu" (nu-nu is our word for nursing) but then when he sees Dad's nipple,...
  20. Re: Daycare pushing for more bottles / low pumping productio

    Agree with everyone else. This daycare sounds like they don't know anything about breastfed babies. You will need to try to educate them. If you get a lot of pushback, I would start looking for a...
  21. Re: Partial strike during cold/teething

    I agree with trying Tylenol or Advil. I also wouldn't stress about it too much. My son has gone through several colds where he didn't nurse much because he wasn't able to nurse and breathe at the...
  22. Re: Handling requests to nurse in public

    Alphawoman--thank you for your outrage. Makes me feel better.

    DJ's mom--thank you. I figured out how to get to the "relationships and sexuality" forum.

    Mommal--Thanks for the links. I doubt...
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    Re: Sudafed

    Benadryl is also safe, although it will probably make you too sleepy to take during the day. And I agree that sinus rinses are great too :)
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    Re: Sudafed

    I took Sudafed (the pseudoephedrine version) for 24 hours once when DS was about 15 months old (not knowing the effect on milk supply) and I swear my supply dropped by about half within a day. I had...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and mom's weight

    I used to take prenatals, but I forget so frequently I no longer bother. Probably a good idea though.

    The increased appetite, etc. sound normal to me. It wasn't until after DS turned 2 and was...
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