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  1. Re: Weaning when neither mom nor bub wants to

    After e-mailing with Dr. Jack Newman, and having a nurse friend post on Dr. Thomas Hale's message board, I am feeling like the right course for us will be to nightwean Jacob, and to continue nursing...
  2. Re: Weaning when neither mom nor bub wants to

    Thank you for all the positive messages. I will read the links on Dr. Gordon's method, and hope that it works.

    Last night was rough. I tried to cut out ONE night nursing session (he woke FOUR...
  3. Weaning when neither mom nor bub wants to

    This is a long post, so please read it before blasting me for forcefully weaning my son. I don't want to; it's not a choice.

    I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus when I was 15. At 25, I was...
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    Re: Is he getting the hindmilk?

    His poops have been seedy and mustard-yellow... no green unless it's an overnight dipe that's been on for awhile.

    He does have explosive poops... is that normal? He actually shot poop off the end...
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    Is he getting the hindmilk?

    I am worrying about my son getting the hindmilk when he nurses. I've read about OALD, and he has a lot of the signs: choking/coughing/gulping while nursing, being gassy/fussy, clicking while...
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    Breast infection?

    Okay... I think I may have an infection in my right breast. On the inside curve, the skin turned rather red today and has been quite painful. Do I need to call my obgyn?

    - E
  7. Re: how to keep awake during night time feeds!

    I've had the same issue, so you're not alone! I nod off pretty badly when feeding my 10-day-old son.

    The side-lying feeding position DEFINITELY helps. My husband and I have a Cuddle Nest for...
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    Re: Sometimes lazy latch

    He usually nurses both sides roughly every 2 to 2 1/2 hours during the day, and every 3hrs (when he wakes up and wakes me up) at night. Sometimes he nurses more often during the day... every hour or...
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    Sometimes lazy latch

    Sometimes when I'm nursing my son (who is eight days old now) he latches great... gets it on the first try and holds on well until let down when he can start seriously nursing. Other times, his latch...
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    I realize I may be asking a loaded gun question, but I'm really, REALLY torn...

    My son is one week old today, and he is a big-time sucker. From what I've read about using a paci, babies who are...
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