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  1. Re: Desperate to increase milk supply!

    I'm not sure if there is any LLL Leaders around but since no one really seems to understand what's wrong. I plan on going to IBCLC, she works from hospital and I hear her work is great. So my fingers...
  2. Re: Milk storage???? Re-refrigerating??

    It is said you have most milk first thing in the morning. As for not wasting it. Once you heat it up the first time you can have it out for 3-4 hours.
  3. Re: Milk storage???? Re-refrigerating??

    I have always been told only to heat an expressed bottle once. As everytime you heat it, it loses some of it's proteins, nutrients, and quality.
  4. Re: Change in BMs and spitting up more

    My little one does the same thing his BMs and spit-ups (Amount, color, and texture) Change on almost a daily basis. At first I blamed it on my diet. After I talked with his pediatrician however she...
  5. Re: Desperate to increase milk supply!

    I found a board certified Lactation Consultant about 30 minutes from me, So I'm hoping to see her sometime next week :) Thank you guys for all the advice, Any and all advice is deeply appreciated....
  6. Re: Desperate to increase milk supply!

    Thank you I certainlly will. Do you know if most insurance companies cover lactation consultants? Like medaciad or Blue Cross. I can't afford anything incredibly expensive as i'm in school and my...
  7. Re: Desperate to increase milk supply!

    Thank you guys for all the support! I just got off the phone with my lactation consulant whos advice was to "Give up and that there is no shame in formula feeding." Time to find a new constulant! As...
  8. Desperate to increase milk supply!

    Well I guess I should start by saying thank you in advance for anyone who takes the time to read this.

    I'm sixteen years old and a new mother, I have lupus which resulted in pre-eclampsia my baby...
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